WiFi vs Internet. Wait, what?

Grandpa, tell me about the good ole days…
Once upon a time, there was a product called “Internet” that service providers, such as the company I work for, provided.  It was fast, reliable, and easy to support.  Customers would buy it and plug their computers in. If they were savvy enough, they would even buy a wireless router, plug it in and set it up per the instructions they got with that router.
But I don’t want Internet, I want WAAHFAAAAAH!
Now, no one shops for Internet. I worked for another company a few years ago. The owner was good friends with a guy in town.  He found out this friend didn’t have our service. Offended, he asked his friend “Why don’t you have my internet?”  His friend’s reply:  “Because the phone company has WiFi, and I need WiFi.”  The guy had NO clue.
People nowadays don’t know what Internet is, thanks to (of all things) the Internet.  We service providers have to advertise it as something else just so they don’t overlook us. We have to call it WiFi.  WiFi isn’t the Internet, but you can’t tell the average consumer this.
What’s wrong with this?
When you sell Internet, that’s easy to support.  If a customer can’t get online, it’s either the internet connection to their home is broken, the modem is broken, or the customer needs to troubleshoot their equipment inside their home.  End of story (should be, anyway).
When you sell and label your product “WiFi”, the airwaves that you can’t control, the devices they can’t put the right password into, and the printer they use twice a year all of the sudden become your (Yes, YOUR – Mr Internet Service Provider) responsibility. Here are some common examples:
Someone puts in a 2.4ghz baby monitor, or the church next door buys 2.4ghz wireless mics interfering with the signal and next thing you know:  “The WiFi is broken – call the cable company!”
OR Someone puts the WiFi router next to the microwave oven, and Johnny’s Fortnite game crashes when Susie heats up some mac and cheese, then a phone call hits our dispatch voicemail with “that Dad-blanged Cable company needs to get out here NOW and fix our WiFi!”
As a service provider, you are forced to do one of two things.  1) Sell the internet, package it with a WiFI router, call it WiFi.  Sales go through the roof, but be ready to deal with all the complaints because of WiFi’s inherent weak points or  2) Sell the internet, tell customers it includes a WiFi router, and try to educate them on what all that means.  Still get the complaints because “my WiFi worked fine with XYZ.com” (even though they told you when they switched, they had nothing but trouble with XYZ’s crappy WiFi).
The answer, in my opinion, is customer education AND marketing.  You have to advertise WiFi somehow, or they won’t know what you’re selling.  You also HAVE to tell customers you are selling internet with a WiFi router that will only be as good as the environment and devices it’s placed with.
Herein lies another issue  
The other providers are putting in modem/router combos.  The customer might for some reason have had better luck with that unit than yours.   However, you also know that if the customer has a 4000sf home, the basic wireless N combination modem/router is probably not going to be enough.  They expect the ISP to handle it all.  The right product is a modem (remember those, from the good ole’ days?), and a Mesh WiFi system to distribute signal throughout their home.  But that requires us investing 3x as much (or more) than the modem/router combination unit, and convincing the customer they need to pay a higher equipment fee for it.  Then there’s the risk of 6 months down the road, the customer will get an ad from XYZ.com (remember them?) for 1/3 of what they are paying, not mentioning their speeds are 1/3 of what they are paying for.  The customer forgets that it’s the same crappy company they left 6 months ago, and because you couldn’t give this fancy mesh router out for free, writes up a bad review because you “ripped them off” because their video game wouldn’t go online sometime in the middle of the night 2 months ago,  leaves your company. Not only do they leave, they keep your $300 mesh router and make you have to send them to collections nailing the coffin that they’ll never come back.
Consumers need to be educated!
ISP’s need people to spread the word.  We control everything to the modem.  Everything beyond it, what connects to it, etc is not in our control.  Consumers should invest in their own infrastructure.  The power company doesn’t care if you don’t have enough amperage to your kitchen to power your fridge, nor would you expect them to care (I hope?).  They just care that they are providing enough to the side of your house.
Big companies advertise “The fastest WiFi available” and “The Most Reliable WiFi”. There’s no such thing.  WiFi is not controllable. It’s an open radio frequency.
Just think “CB RADIO.”  Remember that?  People could talk over each other, florescent lights interfered, etc?  That’s EXACTLY what happens on Wifi.  Consumers need to get used to the fact it is that way, and it will only get worse, the more people use WiFi around them.
That’s my rant for the day.

Isn’t God ALREADY Enough?

I don’t “preach” much these days, but I’m going to take a moment and make up for some lost time…

If we have and know the Gospel, why do believers from circles I’ve been acquainted with run around from conference to conference, and revival to revival, begging God for more? What kind of good is it all anyway if they are in a meeting “soaking” all the time?

When you have the Gospel, what else could you possibly need? What’s not “enough” about the Gospel?

I’ve spent many years of my life begging God to give me more, more this more that. Most involving stuff! – Money cometh, supernatural debt cancellation, im going to get my blessing, I’ve come to get my stuff back… take back what the devil stole, etc etc.

When I realized He was already enough and NONE of that had anything to do with the Gospel, and more to do with my character and integrity, I quit worrying about more and became content in who He is and in what I already am so blessed to have.

I had to quit begging God to give me stuff and questioning why i had not earned His favor. I had to quit begging for stuff in the altar and throwing money in the “seed offerings” that were never going to change anything. I had to take responsibility that He’s not going to give me a bunch of money, a new home and a nice car.

That was MY  job! He already gave me what’s better than that – the Gospel and His promise He would never leave me!

Want to know how to get ahead in life? Find out what you need to be better at to get that good job (or promotion), and do it! Yes. Kiss butt at work. Find a reason to like your job and be the best at it! Show up to work early, leave late and give your boss his money’s worth instead of playing on social media and texting your friends all day. You are there to serve and to make that company successful, and someone will take notice when you do – if not in that company, in another!

Live within your means and pay your bills. They don’t make themselves and they won’t pay themselves.

Don’t be a victim. Don’t make excuses. Just move forward! One day you will look behind you and realize how much better it was to have Jesus by your side along the journey than it was to have Him just give you stuff and stay where you are.

I don’t claim to have all the answers. I have a lot more to work on, but one thing I am NOT doing, is being lazy sitting around waiting on some miracle to happen.  I am doing my part and trusting God is by my side as I do.

Giving God your life and taking control of your life are not contradictory concepts.  It’s His design!

I trust if you are reading this, you will be encouraged to take charge and make this the best year you can!

Galaxy Note 5 S-Pen Sadness

A friend of mine, his name rhymes with Z Day, stuck his S-pen into his brand new Galaxy Note 5 phone backwards.  Yeah. I can’t believe it either!

His wife helped him pull it out and the s-pen was intact,  he was happy at first until he discovered the s-pen wouldn’t activate, write, or function. He’s now a sad, sad guy.



So he got desperate and looked to the interwebs.  He thought “maybe if I put it back in backwards again, and use one of the tips to remove it safely, I can make the switch flip around inside and it will work again”  He thought wrong.  Not only did his plan fail, he broke the clicky thing off inside the phone and now he can’t stow an s-pen in the phone until he gets the phone apart with the help of a neighbor with cellphone repair skills to retrieve it.

There is a lot of information out there on the web that tells you NOT to do this.  They are all correct!   There is also a lot of fear that sets in when Samsung says they won’t fix it and the warranty is void.  There are no parts to date to fix it.  Someone on eBay was selling 3d printed switch arms, but he had to recall them due to quality control issues.  My poor friend.

You’re probably not stumbling across this from a google search because you wonder what would happen if you put the pen in backwards BEFORE you do it.  Most likely you’ve already done it.

You’re probably asking google frantically, Will the S Pen work with a broken detection switch? 

Once you’ve stuck the s-pen into your phone backwards, the damage is done. The detection switch arm (about the size of an ant) is broken. Without replacing this switch arm, screen off memo and automatic activation of air-command is gone.  BUT the S-Pen will work without the detection switch.

If you’re like me, I mean that other guy I know that did this, you’ll have a moment of panic when your S-Pen doesn’t work on the screen.  Here’s how to make it work again sans automatic air-command and screen-off memo:

  1. Accept the loss.  Don’t try to fix it by putting it back in backwards (yeah, who would do that).  You’ll risk breaking off the clicky thing on the end of the s-pen inside the phone.  You’ll HAVE to take it apart to fix it then AND buy a new S-Pen.  There’s something satisfying about the clicky thing when you need to fidgit with something.
  2. Go into Settings>Device>S Pen and turn off/change the following
    1. Under Pen detachment: Change to “None”
    2. S Pen Alerts “Off”
    3. Turn off pen detection “Off”

That’s it.  As long as you don’t have to take the thing apart to get the pen out or the clicky thing out of the phone, you’ll have a 99.997% functioning Galaxy Note 5.



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