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I got a text message from President Trump!

(Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

I know, EVERYONE got a presidential emergency alert test message on their phone.

Not to ruin anyone’s fun, but the government isn’t “Hacking” into your phone. President Trump isn’t going to be hammering your phone with unwanted messages about his displeasure with Rosie O’Donnell (but that would be funny).

What was it then?

Easy description, The Presidential alert is a notification they are adding to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) using a single source of alert (read the nerdy stuff below). What they tested yesterday, was the way this message is distributed across the country at the same time. 

All communication providers, tv, radio, cable, mobile phone have an EAS System in their network, and already use it to notify you of Amber alerts, Tornado’s, Tsunami’s, Hurricanes, and such.  Now there’s a single national data feed that thos same EAS systems monitor, and relay messages from.  That data feed is called Integrated Public Alert Warning System (IPAWS) using the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). A message gets into the IPAWS system, and all EAS Servers relay that message to their corresponding users. This way your TV Station, Cable provider, Cell provider, and Radio station are relaying the same exact message directly from the source with that provider being the only middle-man.
What most people don’t know is President Trump didn’t have anything to do with this.
Nor did it come from the 8 years of Obama’s administration. Nope, it was over 12 yeas ago in June 2006, after the public outcry of FEMA’s response with Hurricane Katrina. President Bush signed an Executive Order ordering the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish a new program to integrate and modernize the nation’s existing population warning systems. 3 years later the DHS and the FCC came to an agreement how this would happen. 2 years later, the IPAWS system was implemented, but it was finally this year that you finally got to see it fully integrated across all public/EAS systems.
Talk about progress (this is my real point of all you just read)!
If it takes 12 years to set this up without congress or succeeding administrations to be involved in any way, Is there any wonder why they can’t get complicated things like healthcare, taxes, and such done with the constantly changing agendas between each election? For real, this years congress enacts plan 1, next years, enact plan 2, which gets vetoed, then the next president promises to get it done. Plan 3 comes along, and the next president signs into law, but then the midterms come along and that group in congress repeals it. And the madness continues! Get ANYTHING done, and 2 presidents later of the opposing party that was in the same congress voting against it will take credit for its success during his administration.
And this is why on social media I hide, block, unfollow 95% of those who post anti-this and pro-that political noise. It’s the SAME madness no matter who is in office.

A few questions to the pro-abortion people.

I’m going out on a limb here saying something, but a few questions must be posed…

I don’t want to be taken as “heartless.” if you have had an abortion, I don’t mean any of this as a personal attack. This is for those who are dead set that they think abortion is something that is a normal healthcare or “family planning” necessity.

Say you are “pro-abortion” to prevent children being “unwanted.” Are you saying the answer is to put an unplanned child down like a dog instead of take care of him or her?

I don’t understand the “logic.” There are plenty of barren parents who will adopt if someone absolutely can’t handle raising a child. The truth is, how many of these children would grow up in the home they were born in perfectly happy after the mother or father or both realize that child had nothing to do with the mothers inconvenience or even her emotional pain and rise to the priveledge of raising him or her? How many do all the time? It’s amazing what someone will do when the challenge is given. I was an unplanned child conceived out of wedlock to parents who couldn’t afford a child. Guess what? I was given an imperfect, but happy childhood.

How can this possibly be about a woman’s choice of a medical procedure to remove a parasitical growth in her own body as some have twisted the issue to become? Babies are being sliced up in the womb regularly at the same age and size my babies were born at 28 weeks gestation at less than 3lbs each. The groups like Planned Parenthood (just one of many, it’s just the most known for cramming abortion as normal down the throats of the past 2 generations) are pawning this a women’s healthcare right. A pap smear, pelvic exam or mammogram is not even close to the same as the barbaric “procedures” being performed to end the life of an “unplanned” child.

Then you have these folks that hold their guns and won’t even budge saying that partial birth abortion must be protected and even funded by taxpayers. They say this because they think it may be necessary to save the life of the mother. The baby is developed enough to survive, and has had their entire body birthed except for the head. I’m no genius but, if the mother is going to die having this baby, wouldn’t this kill her? Really, what is this all about?

Then you have reasons that get thrown out as a way to portray pro-lifers as heartless and cruel. Like in the rape and incest argument. Let’s say these two reasons are the only way legally a child could be aborted. How many actually would happen? I venture to say it is going to be rare. I have no doubt this has to be awful pain to live with. But even still, does the helpless child whose life depends on that mother need to be the one to pay the consequences of this?

The liberal media, politicians who are too stubborn to look at the facts, and those who for some reason or another are stone cold for abortion continue to stop up their ears to logic and common sense. Why? Have we really become such a barbaric, hedonistic society that doing what feels good or is convenient, is easier or less painful has to be the only way? What happened to men and women who act responsibly even to their own detriment? What makes me so terrible to believe that every child should be given a chance?

I think what bothers me the most is that abortion is how we as humans have explained away what is unthinkable as someone’s right to do as they pleased. And because of it, to stand up an be someone who believes in life makes someone intolerant and cruel. What’s next?

Please feel free to comment. Just keep it civil. Give good reasons for what you say.

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10 tips for Using Facebook For Your Ministry

Using Facebook for your ministry is becoming one of the most effective ways to get the word out about what is happening AND it’s FREE! Are you using it right?

I’ve compiled a top 10 list of Ministry Facebook tips… Comment if you have some to share of your own!

  1. Use a Facebook PAGE, not a personal profile for your ministry (unless you are the only one who is in that ministry and it goes by your name). NEVER use a human profile page for your ministry. You limit your reach by making people request a follow. Facebook’s terms of service limits use of personal profiles to individuals anyway, so you run the risk of getting booted if you do this. I wouldn’t even use a GROUP for it either. Use a page, you’ll thank me later!
  2. DO post lots of pictures. People want to know about your ministry, but your logo says NOTHING about the life of it. A picture is worth 1000 words.
  3. Let people tag themselves in the pictures, AND let people tag your ministry’s page. The more things they can tag, the more exposure your ministry gets to your followers friends!
  4. Link it to a Facebook Place (or just make sure your address is in your profile) so people can check in.
  5. Say it short, sweet, and to the point – if you write a book, they will never read it! You want people to see everything without clicking “see more”, because chances are, they WON’T
  6. If you are the admin, you can’t assume the reader knows who is doing the posting. You are speaking for your ministry, so it can’t be 1st person statements like “I” and “Me” and “my”.
  7. Post too much, and people will unfollow you or just hide your posts. Post too little, and you’ll never get the word out! Find a sweet spot. I recommend at least 1 per day, no more than 3.  The only exception I would make is for events you are either pumping up or live blogging.
  8. Put all of your information on the “info” page. Don’t leave anything out!
  9. If you want to get real creative, make a landing page for your ministry Facebook page.
  10. Encourage your followers to share, comment and like your posts as much as possible.  Gets your ministry exposure to all of THEIR friends who may not know Christ!
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