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Some gave all

I had the startling realization several Memorial days ago that this day isn’t just another day off.

You can’t forget the dedication of our Vietnam Vets and the lack of love so many received when they came home.  You can’t forget the Korean War vet.  Or vets from either Gulf war and all of the difficulties they faced.  Neither can you forget those who are currently serving in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq today.

For me, when I think of Memorial Day, I think of our World War II heroes.  These men (and many women) had true grit.  They knew what was at stake, and left their homes, families, and jobs to ensure those liberties they held dear could continue to exist for their children.  They faced perils that I shudder to imagine.  They went to certain death in many battles to die by the thousands so that the few that made it could penetrate enemy forces and our future could be protected.

My thoughts are with those who gave their lives for our freedom, and with the families who gave them up so unselfishly.


New firsts, new president

Like many of you, I watched last night as history was made and Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States, and the first black man to not only secure a party’s nomination for the office, but be elected.  Many of us were hoping for some kind of miracle that God would intervene and turn California, Ohio, and Florida red on that map.  That did not happen, and a big win was declared for the Obama campaign.

Although I was saddened and disgusted by the refusal of Christian Americans to see that this election was about so much more than the economy and the war, I watched in pride knowing that we are in the greatest nation on the planet where opportunity is afforded to all.   We have moved from a nation where people with a different skin color were treated like animals to a nation where anyone of any race can be President.  We all watched as African-Americans across the nation were overwhelmed with joy to see that the limits are off.  I am PROUD to be an American, where Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream is coming true, despite how I feel about Obama’s policies.

If you’ve read my blog much, you know what I disagree with our President-Elect about as well as the democratic party.   Agreed, America needed change.  However, this isn’t change.  It’s a continuation of the same downward spiral we’ve been on for the past 50 or so years.  This is because Obama will select supreme court justices who will continue the slaughter of the unborn.  He will be the mouthpiece that leads this country to continue on the path that believes the sin of homosexuality is the new civil-rights issue.  His party has already said they will enact the “fairness” doctrine; a set of legislation that will unconstitutionally silence free speech in our pulpits and airwaves.  Obama and his party have also stated that they are socialists, and think socialism is the change we need.  

 I’ve seen some say that God will pour out his wrath on this nation for choosing Obama for president.  Please hear me, God isn’t GOING to pour out his wrath.  He already has long ago before this election.  He’s done this by turning our nation over to a reprobate mind, (Rom 1:28) and given us leadership according to our hearts.  Abortion, the homosexual agenda, the debt-riddled economy, war, terrorism and high taxes aren’t the cause, they are the effect.  Abortion is legal because Americans have murder in their hearts.  Homosexuality is welcomed by our government because we refuse to address the perversion in our own lives.  Our nation is bankrupt, taxes are higher, banks are failing, and homes are being lost because of greed and covetousness.   The cause is a backslidden nation, the effect is that God has let us have what we wanted and therefore turned us over to the destruction of our own flesh so our spirit may be saved  (1 Cor 5:5).  

The good news is if there were ever a time for it, now is time for a great awakening.  It’s time we as a nation turn back to God and repent for our exaltation of the false-idols of self and prosperity over Him. You may say God is still blessing America.  I believe we as a nation are still living off His blessings from long ago, and we have REFUSED His blessing by refusing his rule.  May we get back to a place where God is once again blessing America, so our children aren’t reaping the harvest we have sown in recent decades.

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