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10 tips for Using Facebook For Your Ministry

Using Facebook for your ministry is becoming one of the most effective ways to get the word out about what is happening AND it’s FREE! Are you using it right?

I’ve compiled a top 10 list of Ministry Facebook tips… Comment if you have some to share of your own!

  1. Use a Facebook PAGE, not a personal profile for your ministry (unless you are the only one who is in that ministry and it goes by your name). NEVER use a human profile page for your ministry. You limit your reach by making people request a follow. Facebook’s terms of service limits use of personal profiles to individuals anyway, so you run the risk of getting booted if you do this. I wouldn’t even use a GROUP for it either. Use a page, you’ll thank me later!
  2. DO post lots of pictures. People want to know about your ministry, but your logo says NOTHING about the life of it. A picture is worth 1000 words.
  3. Let people tag themselves in the pictures, AND let people tag your ministry’s page. The more things they can tag, the more exposure your ministry gets to your followers friends!
  4. Link it to a Facebook Place (or just make sure your address is in your profile) so people can check in.
  5. Say it short, sweet, and to the point – if you write a book, they will never read it! You want people to see everything without clicking “see more”, because chances are, they WON’T
  6. If you are the admin, you can’t assume the reader knows who is doing the posting. You are speaking for your ministry, so it can’t be 1st person statements like “I” and “Me” and “my”.
  7. Post too much, and people will unfollow you or just hide your posts. Post too little, and you’ll never get the word out! Find a sweet spot. I recommend at least 1 per day, no more than 3.  The only exception I would make is for events you are either pumping up or live blogging.
  8. Put all of your information on the “info” page. Don’t leave anything out!
  9. If you want to get real creative, make a landing page for your ministry Facebook page.
  10. Encourage your followers to share, comment and like your posts as much as possible.  Gets your ministry exposure to all of THEIR friends who may not know Christ!
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What’s next?…

Many have been asking, there has been some speculation, and we have not been clear ourselves at times as to what is next for us. Now we are clear, so Melissa and I are proud to be announcing it right here on my blog…

Back in the summer, we started the process of praying over what was next for us… I spoke to friends, mentors, church planters, family members, and we prayed much about it.  We felt like God was going to do something great in Mt Washington, KY and we were going to be a part of it. Of course the first thing that came to mind was to start a ministry. We wanted to do something out of the box, and different than what everyone else is doing, reaching people that are not being reached, because there were already good churches in the area that were well established.

Little did we know, a couple with whom we we had been vaguely acquainted with were feeling the call of God for the same idea during the same time.  We quickly found one another, and it was clear that we were not to start what would look like an identical ministry across town from them. We had similar experiences, visions, and doctrine. We were all so very open to obey the Holy Spirit. So we joined together with Richard and Mindy Watson to help them as they started “The Refuge” as co-laborers in the harvest of souls.

In a short amount of time, The Refuge has become a ministry to students and has become the talk of the town. The mold was broken of how ministry is traditionally done, and how a ministry grows.  Lives are being changed one at a time, and attendance has exceeded our wildest expectations.

As a result of God prospering The Refuge in the way that He has, we have seen a new need for outreach – the families! Because Richard and Mindy are so well entrenched with these students, they can’t focus on the parents outside of the relationships they have built through the students.  And to invite the parents to the student gatherings could discourage some of the students from coming, as it has become “their” time.

So we are excited and honored that we were asked to take on the task of serving in the part of the ministry that would touch the spiritual needs of these families. We will hold weekly Spirit-led family worship times, lead Bible study/Discipleship groups, and provide marriage mentoring. But most importantly, we will do what The Refuge has been founded to do – give them Jesus.

Reaching Real People, who have Real Problems with the Real Solution.

We ask for all of our friends and family to pray for us as we start working.

  • Pray for our family, that the Holy Spirit protect us and keep us renewed before Him.
  • Pray that we remain humble, and that we will always be listening to the heartbeat of God in everything we do.
  • Pray for the people we are reaching out to. Pray their hearts are open to the Gospel and to the healing power of the blood of Jesus.
  • Pray for the ministry of The Refuge, as well as Richard and Mindy. Pray that we will all stay faithful to the vision God has placed before us.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. We are looking forward to what God is going to do as we put our hand to the plow!

Meanwhile, check us out – and find us on Facebook at

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Hurry, hurry, hurry…

Being in church all my life, and being in the circles I’ve been in, I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen people operate under the anointing of the Holy Spirit in the way the Lord intended, and I’ve seen them turn it into a mockery looking like a circus side show – “Hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up and let our prophet tell your future.”

Honestly, I’ve quit caring about the hoop-lah and the next “exciting time in the Lord we’re going to have at our ‘look how spiritual we are extravaganza.'”  I’ve quit going to those things until I really take the power of the Holy Spirit to the lost.  We’ve (I mean we, as in the Pentecostal church world) turned the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit into a thrill event for those who should be actually demonstrating it.  People get prayed for to receive the power, then flop over on the floor under a power that God wants us to actually walk in daily. This isn’t for our thrills and amusement. This power is given so that we can reach the lost with it.  The power that is in you – believer who claims to be overflowing with the Holy Ghost – is meant to give you power to be witnesses of Christ! It’s not in you to show off how spiritual you are when you get to church.  This is not in you so you can go become a superstar evangelist!  The superstar is Christ. If we are not pointing to Christ with this, we are pointing to ourselves.

Jesus said “these signs follow those who believe” (mark 16:17) – rather than those who believe following the signs as we are seeing in American churches today. We hear of the stories over and over of supernatural miracles taking place in other countries, yet it is so rare here. Look at the venues these miracles are happening in.  They are not believers conferences and campmeetings.  They are in places where the lost have been gathered together in the masses and are presented the Gospel message. They are in the villages where people haven’t heard of Christ.

This isn’t to say miracles and healings don’t happen where believers gather. Of course when we are sick are to call upon the elders of the church, lay hands on the sick and they will recover. I don’t dispute this.  I’m talking about the circus show we’ve turned the “greater works” Jesus declared we would have into.

I’m reminded of stories of both Charles Finney and Smith Wigglesworth, while minding their own business, having people around them convicted of their sin by just being near them.  They didn’t need a Hammond B-3 or a great worship band like Jesus Culture or an angelic choir singing “just as I am” to generate that atmosphere.  All they had to do is know how to walk with God.  Smith Wigglesworth wouldn’t allow newspapers in his home.  He wanted to hear what God was speaking about the world around him rather than the worlds own interpretation of itself!  Do we really want to walk with God like that?

I wonder if God is tired of our meetings and gatherings where we out-do each other’s spirituality.  Jesus didn’t say “Greater works than these shall you SEE,” He said “Greater works than these shall you DO.”  Let’s take this message and power to those who need it, not to those who already have it.

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