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Book Review: “Transforming Church in Rural America”

I have to be honest with all 2 of my readers… I don’t read books.   I am a lazy leader who hasn’t been reading books (whew! I feel better now that I’ve gone public with this deep hidden secret).
This week, I have changed my ways in that and have completed reading 1 book (a real paper book), and now I’m 1/4 of the way through a book on my Kindle app on the iPad (review for it to come).
To stay on track with some of the books I’m reading, and to remind myself that books are good for me, I’m going to try to keep some book reviews on here.
I just finished reading Transforming Church in Rural America by Pastor Shannon O’Dell of Brand New Church out of the sticks of Arkansas (somewhere) and I feel like I’ve had a shot in the arm.  This book was just what the Doctor ordered for my life and ministry at this time. Continue reading
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