Isn’t God ALREADY Enough?

I don’t “preach” much these days, but I’m going to take a moment and make up for some lost time…

If we have and know the Gospel, why do believers from circles I’ve been acquainted with run around from conference to conference, and revival to revival, begging God for more? What kind of good is it all anyway if they are in a meeting “soaking” all the time?

When you have the Gospel, what else could you possibly need? What’s not “enough” about the Gospel?

I’ve spent many years of my life begging God to give me more, more this more that. Most involving stuff! – Money cometh, supernatural debt cancellation, im going to get my blessing, I’ve come to get my stuff back… take back what the devil stole, etc etc.

When I realized He was already enough and NONE of that had anything to do with the Gospel, and more to do with my character and integrity, I quit worrying about more and became content in who He is and in what I already am so blessed to have.

I had to quit begging God to give me stuff and questioning why i had not earned His favor. I had to quit begging for stuff in the altar and throwing money in the “seed offerings” that were never going to change anything. I had to take responsibility that He’s not going to give me a bunch of money, a new home and a nice car.

That was MY  job! He already gave me what’s better than that – the Gospel and His promise He would never leave me!

Want to know how to get ahead in life? Find out what you need to be better at to get that good job (or promotion), and do it! Yes. Kiss butt at work. Find a reason to like your job and be the best at it! Show up to work early, leave late and give your boss his money’s worth instead of playing on social media and texting your friends all day. You are there to serve and to make that company successful, and someone will take notice when you do – if not in that company, in another!

Live within your means and pay your bills. They don’t make themselves and they won’t pay themselves.

Don’t be a victim. Don’t make excuses. Just move forward! One day you will look behind you and realize how much better it was to have Jesus by your side along the journey than it was to have Him just give you stuff and stay where you are.

I don’t claim to have all the answers. I have a lot more to work on, but one thing I am NOT doing, is being lazy sitting around waiting on some miracle to happen.  I am doing my part and trusting God is by my side as I do.

Giving God your life and taking control of your life are not contradictory concepts.  It’s His design!

I trust if you are reading this, you will be encouraged to take charge and make this the best year you can!

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