Galaxy Note 5 S-Pen Sadness

A friend of mine, his name rhymes with Z Day, stuck his S-pen into his brand new Galaxy Note 5 phone backwards.  Yeah. I can’t believe it either!

His wife helped him pull it out and the s-pen was intact,  he was happy at first until he discovered the s-pen wouldn’t activate, write, or function. He’s now a sad, sad guy.



So he got desperate and looked to the interwebs.  He thought “maybe if I put it back in backwards again, and use one of the tips to remove it safely, I can make the switch flip around inside and it will work again”  He thought wrong.  Not only did his plan fail, he broke the clicky thing off inside the phone and now he can’t stow an s-pen in the phone until he gets the phone apart with the help of a neighbor with cellphone repair skills to retrieve it.

There is a lot of information out there on the web that tells you NOT to do this.  They are all correct!   There is also a lot of fear that sets in when Samsung says they won’t fix it and the warranty is void.  There are no parts to date to fix it.  Someone on eBay was selling 3d printed switch arms, but he had to recall them due to quality control issues.  My poor friend.

You’re probably not stumbling across this from a google search because you wonder what would happen if you put the pen in backwards BEFORE you do it.  Most likely you’ve already done it.

You’re probably asking google frantically, Will the S Pen work with a broken detection switch? 

Once you’ve stuck the s-pen into your phone backwards, the damage is done. The detection switch arm (about the size of an ant) is broken. Without replacing this switch arm, screen off memo and automatic activation of air-command is gone.  BUT the S-Pen will work without the detection switch.

If you’re like me, I mean that other guy I know that did this, you’ll have a moment of panic when your S-Pen doesn’t work on the screen.  Here’s how to make it work again sans automatic air-command and screen-off memo:

  1. Accept the loss.  Don’t try to fix it by putting it back in backwards (yeah, who would do that).  You’ll risk breaking off the clicky thing on the end of the s-pen inside the phone.  You’ll HAVE to take it apart to fix it then AND buy a new S-Pen.  There’s something satisfying about the clicky thing when you need to fidgit with something.
  2. Go into Settings>Device>S Pen and turn off/change the following
    1. Under Pen detachment: Change to “None”
    2. S Pen Alerts “Off”
    3. Turn off pen detection “Off”

That’s it.  As long as you don’t have to take the thing apart to get the pen out or the clicky thing out of the phone, you’ll have a 99.997% functioning Galaxy Note 5.



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