Back… again

As much as I LOATHE moving (imagine Newman from Seinfeld saying LOATHE), we moved. Again. For the third time, we are living in Monticello, Arkansas.  Seems like something keeps pulling us back here!  It’s all good though.  We enjoyed our time in Kentucky. Made many friends (hopefully fewer enemies!), created memories, and shed some tears while we were there. We were part of some great things happening, and grew into an incredible career thanks to some great leaders at Inside Connect.

Now, I have stepped into a new job leading Community Communications Company, the cable company where I got my start.  It’s kind of surreal. Deep inside I’ve always thought I’d like to do this, and now I’m doing this and loving every minute of it.  Another dream coming true: as of the writing of this blog, barely a month after we got here, we will be closing on the purchase of a home tomorrow. We will start renovating the former “Chandler House” (so the locals call it) and it will become the “Scott House.”  We are looking forward to finally planting roots.

Our church decision is in the making. Although we attended a wonderful church when we were here before, many things have changed about us.  We want to make sure we pray seriously about what will be best for our family and that we really look across this town for the right place for us to worship, learn, grow and serve. I believe we are in God’s hand, and no matter where we attend, we are part of a community with several thousand believers not just a single congregation of hundred(s).

We are glad to be back in Monticello, but at the same time we miss our Kentucky friends and family.  We wish distance were shorter!  But our new house has a guest bedroom, so start booking your time to come see us!

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