I’m voting for:

I’m going to vote tomorrow. Who I vote for isn’t going to influence you to vote for who I vote for.  I don’t like many things about any of the candidates (You know there are more than just 2, right?).  So I’ll vote for the guy I think would be best for the job, then pray that God will do His work in the people of America as we all should.  We can’t change the morality of America with a president.

If roe V wade is overturned or if abortion gets limited to rape and health reasons, yes it saves lives, but it doesn’t save souls…

If gay marriage gets scrapped, so what?  I disagree with it. I think it’s an oxymoron to say “gay marriage.”  But it doesn’t change the sexually perverse climate in America.

The morality, or lack thereof of American people is what drives the choices on the ballot and what those people stand for in office. The government has changed because the people have changed.  My Christian friends arguing with people online about how it’s satanic to vote for one candidate or the other are missing it.  We aren’t changing the vote doing this.  We are only distracting ourselves from the Gospel.  There are reasons people vote for candidates I think are absolutely wrong on moral points.  I have yet to see one of those people change their vote because I bashed them online.

Fall in love with Jesus, preach the Gospel, teach the Word.  Revival in America will not begin in the White House or Capitol Hill. It happens when the Gospel is received by American people.

So I’m voting tomorrow.  Will it be Obama? Will it be Romney? Will it be Johnson? You really don’t care.  I just hope you vote too.

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