10 tips for Using Facebook For Your Ministry

Using Facebook for your ministry is becoming one of the most effective ways to get the word out about what is happening AND it’s FREE! Are you using it right?

I’ve compiled a top 10 list of Ministry Facebook tips… Comment if you have some to share of your own!

  1. Use a Facebook PAGE, not a personal profile for your ministry (unless you are the only one who is in that ministry and it goes by your name). NEVER use a human profile page for your ministry. You limit your reach by making people request a follow. Facebook’s terms of service limits use of personal profiles to individuals anyway, so you run the risk of getting booted if you do this. I wouldn’t even use a GROUP for it either. Use a page, you’ll thank me later!
  2. DO post lots of pictures. People want to know about your ministry, but your logo says NOTHING about the life of it. A picture is worth 1000 words.
  3. Let people tag themselves in the pictures, AND let people tag your ministry’s page. The more things they can tag, the more exposure your ministry gets to your followers friends!
  4. Link it to a Facebook Place (or just make sure your address is in your profile) so people can check in.
  5. Say it short, sweet, and to the point – if you write a book, they will never read it! You want people to see everything without clicking “see more”, because chances are, they WON’T
  6. If you are the admin, you can’t assume the reader knows who is doing the posting. You are speaking for your ministry, so it can’t be 1st person statements like “I” and “Me” and “my”.
  7. Post too much, and people will unfollow you or just hide your posts. Post too little, and you’ll never get the word out! Find a sweet spot. I recommend at least 1 per day, no more than 3.  The only exception I would make is for events you are either pumping up or live blogging.
  8. Put all of your information on the “info” page. Don’t leave anything out!
  9. If you want to get real creative, make a landing page for your ministry Facebook page.
  10. Encourage your followers to share, comment and like your posts as much as possible.  Gets your ministry exposure to all of THEIR friends who may not know Christ!
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3 thoughts on “10 tips for Using Facebook For Your Ministry

  1. Jim Whaley says:

    Great Stuff right here! Without a doubt, I believe Facebook is one of the greatest ministry tools of the 21st century. And, these tips are seriously the tip of the iceburg! If I may, here’s a couple of thoughts and additional ideas!

    1.) Tip #5 is brilliant! When you post a status update to a ministry page, keep it simple. Guaranteed to have better impact!

    2.) TJ, if you would, please go into more detail on your Tips #4 & #9.

    3.) Encourage your church members/attenders to post something on ‘their’ Facebook page encouraging their friends to attend your church/ministry. When they do, have them put a link in their post back to the church/ministry page. I’m continually amazed at how much coverage a ministry can get when their members/attenders post about the services!

    4.) When you do post a status update, ‘keep it real’. Don’t over use ‘religious or churchy’ words. And it’s OK to put up posts concerning other community events as well!

    5.) Create a Facebook Event when your church/ministry is having something BIG to promote. Don’t over use this, however…less is more!

    Thanks for allowing me to share! I can’t wait to hear from others!

    Jim Whaley
    H2O Collegiate Church Pastor/Campus Ministry Director
    Tiffin University
    Tiffin, Ohio

    • TJ says:

      Elaboration of #4: When you set up your page, you can set up an address for where you meet. With this feature, people can “check in” with their smart phones, and tag pictures that say where they were taken. It gets the word out that people are actually THERE. Many times what happens is people will check in anyway, even though your address isn’t set up with Facebook. When this happens, a “place” is created where everyone else checks in. All you have to do is merge it with your existing page (Read the instructions CAREFULLY or you will lose your page – I learned this the hard way!).

      Elaboration #9: You can have someone who knows how to do HTML/web design create a landing page for your facebook page. I’ve never done this, but I’ve seen it done effectively. Alternatively, in your settings you can set your default landing page to be one of several things, like Photos, info, or the wall. Here is something more on this: http://www.allfacebook.com/facebook-landing-page-2011-03

      Thanks for your additions!

  2. Debbie Scott says:

    You so smart! Love you son!!

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