Galatians 5:13 tells us to not let our freedom give us a license to fulfill our sinful nature, but to use it to serve one another in love. Radical grace, when received, should be met with a radical response!

You are free to leave everything that God saved you from, but even more, you are free to fulfill His purpose. If you are struggling with sin, God’s grace is there to forgive, but don’t let it stop there! Jesus told the woman who was caught in adultery “I forgive you, GO and sin no more.” It’s hard to “sin no more” if you aren’t “GO-ing.”

When you are busy serving someone in love, how will you have time to sin (the opposite of serving in love – taking and striving in selfishness)?

You don’t have to have a seminary degree or a churchy title to love someone. Buy a homeless person a meal, offer to clean a widow’s home, leave some groceries on a family’s doorstep who lost their job or is a single parent who is struggling. Jesus said what He did and greater shall you do. ┬áStart with His compassion – the greatest work He did!

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