It’s Enough to Drive a Man to Drink

I read another post tonight about whether it’s ok for a Christian to drink alcohol or not. I posted on this a few years ago arguing against drinking, and it didn’t go so well, so relax. My purpose is to share why I don’t and that I’m ok with that.  It’s not my desire in this post to talk those who feel like they are free to do this out of it.

Am I the only one who notices the hostility that comes from many who have the “freedom” to drink when we just say “I don’t drink?”

The knee jerk statement is “It’s ok to drink! There’s nothing wrong with it! Jesus drank!” with a tone like I’m a Pharisaical legalistic nut.

Ok, hold on! Who are they trying to convince? All I said was “I don’t drink alcohol.” I never attacked their choice to drink. I never told them they are going to split hell wide open if they did. I made a personal choice based on a deep conviction that it would be sin for me to drink alcohol. I don’t wish to be a stumblingblock by being someone’s excuse to get smashed. I’m not in bondage, rather I would be in bondage if I did drink. With all that aside, it’s hard to read God’s Word and not agree it is sin to get drunk, right? God knows where I fail in partaking in things in moderation (hide the chex mix). He knows where it would go. He also knows how I can’t take a Tylenol without passing out, and I would have a low tolerance to the effects of alcohol.

So for me, it’s sin. For many others, they don’t see it that way, and are walking with God.  Just be careful to not use your freedom to do this as a reason to cause others to stumble or to feel like you have to set others “free” to do something that they are convicted to abstain from.

For those on the edge, search the Scriptures, and pray about it. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this something I’m exalting above God?
  • Is this helping my witness or hurting it? (I didn’t say it was either way, I’m just asking what it does to your witness?)
  • Can I really do this in moderation? (don’t give me the “don’t eat if you can’t do it moderation” line. You can’t live without food. You can live without booze).
  • Does me drinking give someone else who struggles with it an excuse to?
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One thought on “It’s Enough to Drive a Man to Drink

  1. dean says:

    great treatment of a difficult topic! my thinking on this has evolved over the past several years. i used to be pretty dogmatic about “no drinking anywhere anytime for any believer.” but the bible clearly states that it’s DRUNKENNESS that is the problem, not merely drinking. now, i’m still pretty dogmatic about it for ME. i drank a long time prior to being saved, and there was no moderation involved in any of it. so, for me, best not to drink at all. every believer has the Spirit living in him, and the Spirit will convict each one in regard to this (and all matters). and just because the Spirit has convicted me that i should not, doesn’t mean He will convict all in like manner.

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