Samson and Restoration

Read the story of Samson real quick, and if you aren’t ADD and forget by the time you finish, get back over here and finish reading:

Judges 16:4-31

Melissa and I were reading this to the kids tonight when I had a correction in thinking, followed by an urgency to write this.  This isn’t for everyone, but I believe it’s for someone.

I always thought that Samson fought off the Philistines each time he “tricked” Delilah with the wrong secret to his strength.  However, the Bible never really says this.  They remained in hiding as he shook off the these attempts to bring him down.  This realization first got my mind whirling tonight looking at the progression of the guards Samson let down.

  1. Bowstrings: He confirmed to Delilah that there was a secret to his strength. He played around with her and told her something that was way off.
  2. New Ropes: Although the clue wasn’t any closer than bowstrings, he began to play around with the idea that he could let her know his secret.  Toying with temptation, even with things you aren’t normally tempted with is dangerous and opens doors to your real weakness!
  3. Weaving his hair:  His guard is down.  She didn’t do any harm the last two times, so he’s going to give her closer hints.  This level is what I call playing with fire.  It’s like when a couple who isn’t married and is heavily attracted to one another gets in a room alone together.  The real thing may not happen, but it’s oh-so-close!
  4. Cut the hair: He thought there was no harm and gave in. After all, nothing really happened the last time, right? Next thing he knows, Samson’s eyes are being gouged out and he’s being led away in shame to the grinding mill.
We’ve all been at one of these places.  The rest of this is for those who are suffering the consequences of step 4.
What I was reminded about the story tonight was the fact that even though he failed, and became the prime sermon illustration for people that give into a woo-ing temptation, there was the moment of comeback where his end was greater than the rest of his life. I’m writing this to those who have fallen, and you are in the enemy’s grinding mill blinded.
  • You conquered, took ground and were powerful at one time.
  • You may have had a great anointing and did great things for God.
  • I’m telling you by the leading of the Holy Spirit tonight, your story isn’t over! Don’t die in your prison!
Instead of Samson dying a prisoner in shame, he died a hero of honor.  Samson know the moment where God would be glorified through his own personal humiliation.  When we seek God in our low times to lift Him higher, that’s when His power comes.  When it’s all for HIS glory, and not our own, that’s when His power comes greater than we’ve ever experienced.  If you humble yourself to your own detriment, the story of your life won’t end with God being made a mockery through you. It will end with your greatest victory.  Man/Woman of God, get your hands on the pillars, cry out to God in your moment of humiliation, and you will see Him move once again!
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