Harold Camping and the May 21st prediction

I’ll go on record off the top, I don’t believe anyone knows what day the rapture of the church will be, and I believe Harold Camping’s eschatology to be seriously flawed.

I do, however applaud Harold Camping this: giving us a glimpse at what the people of Noah’s day were like.  Can you imagine being alive during that time? Everyone calling him a nutjob.  Everyone having their parties and living their lascivious lives more blatantly in front of him as a mockery to what he knew he heard the Lord say?  So now I’m seeing it blasted on the radio, twitter, facebook, and everywhere else people have a public voice making fun of the return of the Lord.  I’m seeing also fellow Christians joining in the little “party.”

Here’s another reason I’m applauding him, he really believes this to be true and is doing what he should be doing based on that belief, even if it reveals him to be wrong.  We need to be careful taking the urgency away from Judgement day because of Mr Camping’s bad eschatology. If we really believed that Christ could return any day or that we could die any day and meet Christ face to face, how would that reflect in our living, giving and telling?

If we really believed that at any moment we would be judged by the Almighty, why are we wasting time? Why are we sneaking around in our sin? Why are we trying to find “loopholes” in Scripture that we think can prove our favorite sin isn’t sin so we continue in it and make our dying flesh happy?  Why are we trying to be comfortable in this temporary home?  Is this just a game?

If anything, this is causing me to reflect and to pray for the Lord’s help to change my complacency. We could all use these reminders from time to time to do the same.

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