The life of Job

I may just need to encourage myself here, but if I can encourage others along the way, I’m glad to have an opportunity to share in the encouragement.

Reading the story of Job in the Bible what stands out to most of us is:

  1. Job had everything
  2. Job lost everything
  3. Job’s friends blamed him
  4. Job didn’t curse God
  5. Job got more back than what he started with

In a nutshell, that IS the story of Job.  He was an imperfect man, just like all of us.  However, he trusted God and had pleased God.  Lived an upright and pure life.  God allowed satan to test him, and he never blamed God.  He lamented much like we all would, but He didn’t blame or curse God.

Like many reading this, I’ve gone through some bad junk in a short amount of time.  I’ve gone through sadness, heartbreak, anger, loss, and total upheaval, yet I can’t say it has ever been as bad as Job.  I still have my family, last I checked I don’t have boils all over my body, and my wife isn’t telling me to just “curse God and die”.  – Side-thought: Job’s wife sure was a sweetie, wasn’t she?  I mean, it takes a special woman to practically tell her husband to commit suicide!

When we go through junk, it’s important that we remember three things:

  1. It could be worse.  Never underestimate what God is NOT allowing in the midst of what is going on.  His mercy and love is holding back more trouble and testing than you will ever know.
  2. Romans 8:18Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.  Yeah, the good coming later is going to be SO much better than the bad going on now!
  3. God is in charge.  He’s keeping count of your very hairs on your head.  I could care less about how many hairs are on my wife’s head or on the heads of my children. All I know is they have hair, and I don’t know how to do pony tails.  Seriously, If He cares about and knows that much detail, He has a plan. It will be much better than any plan we can come up with on our own.

So instead of being down and saying “I feel like Job today”, be thankful that you aren’t facing what Job faced.  Perhaps you are one of the few who actually is facing what Job faced: Loss of income, loss of your children, loss of your property, and painful sickness all at once – I can’t relate, but please know that God has a plan to reveal His glory through your situation.  You WILL come forth as gold!

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