The Scotts, In the Beginning (conclusion)…

Telling the family, getting married, again…

Woohoo! We were married.  OOOOHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOSSSHHHH!!! WE WERE MARRIED!!!!  Of course we were immediately excited, scared to death, and were anxious to get home. Fast.

To keep from giving her the idea I was only marrying her for one thing, I suggested we drive to her sister’s house and have her mother meet us there to tell them the news.  All we could say to each other the whole drive over was “OH MY GOOSHHHH WE JUST GOT MAARRRIEEDD!!!!”

We told her family and we all cried and laughed and squealed together.  Her mother seemed so excited I thought she was going to explode!  I felt like part of the family from the day I met all of them, so I was so happy inside we made it official and that I could be a part of her sweet, wonderful family.

I didn’t tell my parents until that Wednesday. They were of course excited, because they already loved Melissa.  I knew they would be disappointed that they could not be there to see it happen, and I wasn’t sure what their initial reaction would be.  So my usual response: don’t tell them right away.

I remember when I told my dad.  He already knew we were planning a wedding. It went like this:

Me: “we decided to move the wedding up.”
Dad: “oh? When?”
Me: “monday”
Dad: “we can’t get there that soon”
Me: “no this past Monday”
Dad:” WHAAAAA????”
Me: “not so loud, Mom will hear you”
Mom: (in the background) “What? What did he do?”
Dad: “Too late – YOU tell her”

I’m glad my parents are logical and understood why I told them we were in a rush. They were excited, and mom called Melissa right away to welcome her into the family!

Over the next few weeks, we had 2 more wedding ceremonies and 3 receptions.  Everyone wanted to make sure we were good and married, just in case!  Terry and Janice Newman, former pastors at Oak Grove, had us and Melissa’s family come to their home and they did a beautiful ceremony and reception for all of us there (they even sang for us!).  Oak Grove threw a big reception at the church with the most beautiful spread prepared by the ladies of the church.  Then after we moved to New Jersey, where my parents were, they threw a big “preacher” wedding with dress, tux, reception and all!  Those people who had never met Melissa were so loving and generous! We’ll never forget that!  We have fond memories of every event.

Our song from the beginning is “Still the One” performed by Shania Twain.  The line that says “They said, I bet, They’ll never make it, but just look at us holding ooooooooowahwahn, we’re still together still growing stroooowowong” is so true for us.  There were some nay-sayers (fewer than we really thought) who were betting against us, but here we are! She’s still the one. (It was actually a toss up between that and Bonnie Rait’s “Let’s give ’em something to talk about” LOL!).

I thank God every day for her and how He brought us together.  I’m thankful for the ups, the downs, the laughter and the crying.  I’m thankful to share my life with her, and for us to be one -inseperable. 

I love you Melissa! You’re still the one!


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  1. dean says:

    so that was sorta like the touring company of “a scott wedding.” we had to literally chase our singles minister down to do our wedding, because it was getting close to time to leave for seminary, and he always had some event or another scheduled, and well, seminary just sort of frowns on shacking up in student housing. so one saturday while he was at a state park doing a college student retreat, we had the wedding. we didn’t even know most of the people in attendance (other than the minister, our parents and the couple that videoed it)… but those college students made our cake and supplied the punch. it was the only wedding i’ve ever been to that cost a dollar a carload to get into…

  2. dean says:

    … and, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

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