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podcast iconAccording to this article, Podcasting on iTunes (let alone primitive forms of it dating back into the 1980’s) has been at large since 2003.  So being the early-adopter I am, I listened to my first podcast Tuesday of this week.  I know, I’m quick to jump onto technology, aren’t I?

Seriously, I can’t believe I’ve had an iPhone since 2009 and an iPad since April of this year and have not been listening to podcasts!  This is an incredible FREE tool! Instead of the 2 hours I hear at church per week (which is great), I have heard about 12 hours of preaching and teaching of the Word from about a half dozen diverse preachers and teachers in just a few days.  I’m hearing from some of the best of Baptists, independents, Pentecostals, and everything in between.  I feel the strength and illumination that the Word gives, as well as confirmation of everything I’ve felt the Lord speak to me about myself and my family.

I’m going to list the messages, including the name of the speaker, podcast channel, and title of the message I’ve loaded up my iPad and iPhone with.  Check these out sometime.  You may be as blessed as I was to hear them.

  • Tuesday morning – Francis Chan, Cornerstone Simi Audio Podcast.  “When God Doesn’t Listen.”  By far one of the most challenging messages on Achan in the Bible I’ve heard.  Do you wonder why God doesn’t seem to hear your prayers.  Probably because He doesn’t want to hear them until you learn to listen to and obey Him!  I caught myself saying “ouch” several times, but I’m glad this was my first!
  • Tuesday evening – Francis Chan, Cornerstone Simi Audio Podcast. “How to Respond When Bad Things Happen.”  Now addicted to the depth and passion of Francis Chan, I’m hooked.  This was his message following the Haiti Earthquake.  I didn’t agree with his stance on tithing, but that didn’t make me shut him off and it was only about a minute “bunny trail.”  The meat of his message was on giving from our heart and being convicted that our hearts aren’t ripped for those who are hurting.  Those of us in my circles who are tangled up in the “Bless me” message have got some big changes to make here!
  • Wednesday morning – Jentezen Franklin – Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries Podcast. “Willows And Palms.”  Was a great way to start “hump day” with this 19 1/2 minute message. Was just long enough for the drive into work, and encouraged me that my praise belongs to God whether I’m in a day of weeping and sadness or if I’m in a day of strength and joy (Pastor McFadden at TLC later taught on praise that night.  I guess the Holy Spirit had something to say to me about the subject!)!
  • Wednesday evening – searched for and sampled more podcasts.  Found the ones to follow.
  • Wednesday night – Apostle Ron Morris – Zion Bible College Chapel Podcast.  “part 1”  This was part 1 of a two day chapel Ron Morris taught on the Tabernacle in January 2010.  From what was said in the message, he had replicas of the furniture and various items that were in the tabernacle of Moses as he taught.  I love this man of God.  I commented to Melissa that you just feel the peace and Glory of God as soon as he opens his mouth!  If you love the types and shadows of Christ that God gave Moses in the Old Testament, you’ll LOVE this two part series from Ron Morris.
  • Thursday morning – finished Part 1 of Ron Morris teaching on the Tabernacle.  The testimony of his grandmother blessed me.
  • Thursday afternoon driving – Started part 2 of Ron Morris teaching on the Tabernacle.  More good stuff here!
  • Thursday after work – finished part 2 driving home.  Glad I did.  Felt the presence of the Holy Spirit show up n the truck.
  • Friday morning/lunch- Ron Carpenter, Living Word Ministries Audio Podcast. “Apostle Ron Carpenter 06-24-2010”.  Ron Carpenter is a pastor from Greenville, SC who is an apostolic covering to about 1400 churches.  In this message, he taught on iniquity.  He taught how iniquity is a cycle of sin that revisits throughout your life. Most people don’t see each other’s iniquity, because often it’s a hidden struggle on the inside. What was powerful was when he read where the Bible says Jesus was BRUISED for our iniquity.  A bruise is an injury that causes you to bleed on the inside. Jesus bled on the inside for struggles you are dealing with on the inside!
  • Friday lunch/drive home – Ron Carpenter, Living Word Ministries Audio Podcast. “Apostle Ron Carpenter 06-25-2010”  Classic “get up, open your mouth and give the Lord praise” like Ron Carpenter does best! He preached on “sound”.  A great power is accompanied by a great sound.  Your mind isn’t going to change until you change what sound you are hearing.  His examples are engaging.  You’ll have to hear this one.
  • Saturday morning – Keith Gibson, Southeastern Bible College Audio podcast. “Do We Have the Right Books? The Contemporary Attack on the Canon of Scripture”.  The title says it.  It was a Bible College level teaching on the selection of the books of the Bible.  I’m going to have to listen to it again when I don’t have kids running around and cartoons playing.  It’s important we know why we believe in the infallibility of Scripture.

I have dozens of others I can’t wait to get into.  Teaching and preaching from David Wilkerson, (see the Cross and the Switchblade? Pat Boone plays as him in the movie); A dear old missionary/evangelist (not by name only), Dennis Thrasher; Dr Dan Allender, author of “The Wounded Heart” and many others.  Also included is Damon Thompson, Paul Washer, David Platt, John Piper.

Now we have to get the sermons from TLC on a podcast channel.  We have had issues with being able to archive our sermons online due to either server space or technical glitches with services like uStream and LiveStream. With podcasting we can get our preaching and teaching to the world in a format more convenient than having to require folks to sit in front of a computer screen for an hour when they want to hear a sermon.  So I’m working now with our media people at TLC to do two things. 1) eat crow – I didn’t see the value in podcasting before when the whole team kept asking me to help them do it, now I’m eating my words! 2) get a podcast channel up and an easy way to post without coding xml pages.  Looking at either making our own automation or using a service like

When you search for podcasts of your favorite speaker, don’t just look at the cover of the podcast channel.  Open it up and look at the different messages, chances are the person you are looking for was a guest speaker on that channel or at that church.

If you have any smartphone, or mp3 player, you can sync to iTunes podcasts. Just google search your device the term “iTunes sync” and there are instructions on how to do it!  Of course iPhones, iPods (all generations) and iPads do podcasts.  You can also listen to podcasts directly out of iTunes.

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    Technology is a two-edged sword, but used for the glory of God it will bear much fruit. God bless your listening.


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