Poisoning the crops

I have been fortunate during my life to have served good churches, and worked for good employers. With the exception of one or two employers, I can honestly say I can go back to any of those at any time and be welcomed in the doors for a visit.

This is not because I’m “all that,” please don’t misunderstand me. There is a principle at work in my life that I have applied long ago. I believe it started with my father. I have to give him props on this. He has always made every attempt possible to leave a church or job right. It’s probably one of the most valuable lessons he taught me growing up.

I was reminded of this lesson last week on vacation. We made the trek back to Monticello, Arkansas where I served in my first full time ministry position and later returned to serve in various capacities. I also worked in my first cable job at the local cable company there. When we was there last week, I was able to come into both places for a visit, and able to look everyone in the eye with no regrets between us!

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to treat others right when it’s time to leave something your life is involved with! If you have sown time, money, blood, sweat or tears, don’t poison the harvest with a bad attitude and hasty actions. So often in ministry I see people pour their lives into the Lords work, and get hurt by something. Instead of leaving peacefully, they speak curses over the very thing they worked so hard to make happen! It’s like a farmer poisoning the field he’s been laboring in just because he got tired of farming in that field!

When you leave a place by your own choosing, if you can’t look back without anger and hatred and humbled that you had a part of the success of that establishment, or had a part in the lives that are now forever changed, you are leaving wrong! I encourage you, don’t poison the crops you planted. Leave them there for another to water and for God to give the increase so He is glorified in everything you do.

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