Does God answer Prayer?

You tell me:

I get this email yesterday morning around 7:30 from one of our members whose mother had a stroke recently…

i got to say goodbye to my mother last nite…i told her all the things i need to & prayed with her…my sister said she cried as i was talking, so i know she heard everything…more than likely we will remove her from the life support today or tomorrow….i appreciate all the prayers…plz keep us in your thoughts and prayers a little while longer…i appreciate all the texts & notes..

We as a church family, prayed throughout the day.

Then at 8:30pm I get this text:

Ready 4 this!?. Ma is sitting up..gestured that she needed pain med and is moving all her limbs!!

Then I get a longer version of what’s going on in my email:

just to update everyone…after all the prayers for her…my mother is now sitting up in bed, the respirator has been removed & she is talking a little…she is moving both arms (1 was paralyzed when she had a stroke 2 years ago) & one of her legs!!   (not sure about the other one yet)…drs arent sure if she has suffered any kind of brain damage from the lack of oxygen yet but…..instead of making funeral arrangements this weekend…..i will be praising GOD & shouting!!!     PRAISE GOD…..thanks to everyone for your prayers & concerns regarding my family…..but like a friend of mine said….my ma is a tough ole’ bird!!

There will be a whole church shouting and praising with her, I believe!  Just know when there looks like there is no hope – The Lord IS your hope!

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