Some gave all

I had the startling realization several Memorial days ago that this day isn’t just another day off.

You can’t forget the dedication of our Vietnam Vets and the lack of love so many received when they came home.  You can’t forget the Korean War vet.  Or vets from either Gulf war and all of the difficulties they faced.  Neither can you forget those who are currently serving in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq today.

For me, when I think of Memorial Day, I think of our World War II heroes.  These men (and many women) had true grit.  They knew what was at stake, and left their homes, families, and jobs to ensure those liberties they held dear could continue to exist for their children.  They faced perils that I shudder to imagine.  They went to certain death in many battles to die by the thousands so that the few that made it could penetrate enemy forces and our future could be protected.

My thoughts are with those who gave their lives for our freedom, and with the families who gave them up so unselfishly.

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