Is that water clean?

I watched Bear Grylls a few months ago traveling across a desert on tv. He is THA MAN, is he not? Here he is, just drank the last of his water with miles to travel across the hot desert, and needs to drink something or die. So what does he do? He makes his own water with his body and DRINKS IT! Oh wait, the only water someone can produce on their own is waste. That’s right, he drank his own pee.

Bear’s point to causing all who watched to throw up in their mouths was this: it’s better to drink fresh human waste than to dehydrate.

You can be rest assured however, if there was a fresh stream of water, he would not add a fresh stream of pee to it before drinking it or serving it to his camera crew! You see, only someone who is dying, doesn’t care what they are drinking, and have no other choice will drink pee.

I’m ready to deliver what this world needs: a pure flow of the Spirit of God. Without it being tainted with egos and pride. God won’t use us for long when we treat his Glory and anointing like a drug addiction or a freak show.

I’m reminded of times when God had to jerk the rug out from under what seemed to be great revivals because men, albeit unintentional, made it about themselves or continued in sin behind closed doors thinking the anointing was proof they had arrived! Just because God uses doesn’t mean we can stop being convicted of sin and sure doesn’t mean you’re all that!

When we add what we can produce to what the Lord gave us to deliver, who do we think we are?

We are tainting the water with the only water we can on our own, and it’s nasty!

Are you peeing in the water?

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