Have you ever had a day when it seemed like everything was in a fog?

You are angry, bitter, and maybe a little scared. You aren’t motivated to do anything. The phone rings and all you want to do is grunt if you even answer it. You go places and you want to be the last to arrive, and the first to leave so you don’t have to speak with anyone. You can’t think straight, can’t hear straight, and when you speak, you are easily mistaken as rude or mean.

Then week passes…

Two weeks…

A month…

Six months…

A year…

I never understood people who deal with this on a day to day basis until this past year. The last 12 months have been the weirdest of my life, and it seems like it is far from over.

It makes me think back to early 2009 when Pastor Steve Dohoney from Alabama came through and preached at our church. For those who don’t know me, am usually very cautious about letting people lay hands on me or prophesy to me (I believe the gifts are in operation and are of the Holy Spirit, I’m just very cautious about the abuse of the gifts, dropping them to the level of a circus side-show). I was actually hiding somewhere to ensure I wasn’t just picked out of the crowd as a recognized face. Then he just called me out anyway. I did not expect to hear so much of what he said… In fact, it honestly scared me. Still makes me shudder when I remember some of what was said. In the same token, I’m so glad he shared those things with me about the sifting and the crushing. What encourages me today is that what I am experiencing right now is part of what he ministered about.

When Jesus told Peter that he was going to be sifted, and that He was praying for him that his faith doesn’t fail him, I think I get it! I am encouraged to know that when all hell is breaking loose, I can make it through and come out a champion if I just hold onto my faith! I can come out with nothing but my faith and I still have EVERYTHING!

On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.

So the wind is blowing and I’m (you’re) being sifted. Know that your faith in Christ is your sure foundation. Let the winds blow and strip everything from you that you used to identify yourself with. As long as Christ is your foundation, rest assured everything that is left is only what was attached to that foundation. Everything else is not only worth losing, but needs to go! Let the pride, fear, flesh, sin, and everything about me that isn’t attached to Christ blow away! You can’t have those things and bear the fruit the Lord wants you to bear. You are unable to bear that fruit with those other things poisoning you and choking the life out of you.

The devil may think he is sifting me like wheat to destroy me. What he is really doing is helping expose the real me… Without the baggage of hurt, pride of what I think I have accomplished, fear of failure and disappointments. The real me who loves God, cares about others, and works hard.

I don’t know if this ministers to anyone else. I’m writing this to get these thoughts out and to encourage myself to trust that the Lord has my back, that He believes that I can hold onto my faith, my foundation in Christ, no matter what part of me I don’t want to lose blows away…

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