iPhone. Its about time

As many might have heard, I’m now the proud new owner of a shiny iPhone 3g. It was hard to pass up, especially since they went half price when the 3gS arrived.

My first week with this thing I’m addicted. As Dave, TLC’s soundguy and most knowledgeable computer guy said, “you gotta hand it to Apple, they sure can make some hardware.”

Really, I’m already impressed. After an easy jailbreak, I can shoot and upload video, and do mms messaging.

My wife had purchased a Palm Pre about 30 days prior to us getting iPhones, and really the only two things it had on the iPhone was multitasking and the data network speeds. (sprint has the fastest I’ve seen to date, but is useless if you are dropping every other call). Oh, and did I mention after jailbreaking, you CAN tether an iPhone?

So, if you see me acting a little snootier than I should, it’s probably the iPhone, because I have apps for everything a pre, blackberry, and winslomo phone can’t do. I’m sure I’ll grow out of it if you’ll be patient with me.

Oh, and I posted this with my iPhone!

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