I don’t have time…

Let’s put it in this perspective:

  • There are 168 hours every week
  • 24 of those hours can be not counted for a sabbath
  • leaving 144 hours in a working week
  • 96 hours per week if you remove an average of 8 hours per day for sleep (not counting the sabbath b/c we counted 24 hours there)
  • 9.6 hours if I were to work for the Lord 10% of my awake time, leaving 86.4 hours
  • I make a living with an average of 45 hours/week
  • I have 41.4 hours every week for everything else.

This actually worries me, because sometimes I wonder if I give God that much time each week outside church services. What scares me MORE is the question of “what am I doing with the other 41.4 hours of my week?”

How about you?


2 thoughts on “I don’t have time…

  1. dean says:

    i did the calculations and i figure you have the decimal point in the wrong place… I have 4.14 hours left each week.

  2. Nod says:

    Sounds a lot, and would be if we got it in one big chunk, or even two or three big chunks, but the truth is, most of that 40-odd hours of time is in bits here and there. (and maybe the 9.6 hours too!!!)

    A bit before we go to bed and a bit just as we’re waking up.
    Bits for washing/dressing.
    A bit (or a bite) for breakfast, lunch, tea (or your preferred names for meals)
    Bits for travel to/from work (depending on your industry perhaps)
    Bits of household admin, bills, fixing or arranging to be fixed.
    Bits of family stuff perhaps (dad’s taxi?) or just chatting, comparing notes about the day etc.
    Bits for getting ready to do something else…

    By the time you divide 41 & a bit hours by 6 and then split that less than 7 hours across these bits you have very little left.

    Or at least *I* have very little left (and I’m no longer in a 9-5 role… or an 8 hour sleep habit come to that)

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