Order and preparation to fulfill God’s purpose

This past month has been the most transforming in my adult life. Seriously, I don’t think puberty affected me as much as what God has been doing. Maybe one day I can tell it all in much more detail, but for now – I know I’ve heard from God.

ORDER: The entire time of the 21-day media fast, there was deep revelation of the Presence of God. It wasn’t in the way I expected it however. Hebrews 12:6 declares who the Lord loves, he also brings discipline. To bring discipline, you have to show where one has gone wrong. In many areas of my life, I’ve seen so much that has been out of order, which revealed to me what has kept God’s blessing off those areas. I have been seeing lack of order in my home, at work, and in the ministry I serve in. However, it has me fired up to get the house in order in those key areas of my life.

We have been organizing our home, throwing stuff away and cleaning junk out of the church, and getting things organized at work with utmost urgency. I have felt in my spirit a resounding word: “how dare you ask Me (God speaking) for anything when you aren’t a good steward of what I’ve already given you”. Ouch.

PREPARE: The other revelation was confirmed by a man who hardly knows me. I haven’t spoken to him in months, but when he shared what the Lord had revealed to him about what I’m being groomed for and the testing that must take place, I knew he had heard from God. Many people who were there that night heard only understood the end result of what Melissa and I were being groomed for and congratulated us. However, they missed the part where we are about to go through testing and trial. I’m not fearful of this, however you have to stop and smell the roses when you are given the advice by a man of God to “read the book of Job when you go through this.” The Lord has been preparing you, me and everyone who is serving Him for doing something great for Him.

This morning, Pastor preached on having your desires linked to God’s purpose. God’s not interested in a Mercedes to only benefit you. However, if you have a heart to reach people whose attention will be gained and you’ll have a voice in their lives if you have a Mercedes – He’ll give you that TOOL to fulfill His Divine purpose for the Kingdom through you.

So, I’m anticipating 2009 to be a year that will bring some pain, and rejoicing at the same time. It is a year of transition and we are all going to new levels for God’s purpose!


3 thoughts on “Order and preparation to fulfill God’s purpose

  1. dean says:

    so is 2009 also going to be the year youget your mercedes??

  2. Nienke says:

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  3. Aaron says:

    They key to the Mercedes is the using of it for its divine purpose. If you say you are going to reach those who are best reached with the Mercedes, then you better use it for that purpose once God gives it to you…

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