Ready to hear from God

Over the next 21 days, I will have the opportunity to join my fellow TLC members on a fast from all external media. We’re calling it “Revelation vs Information”. This includes television, movies, secular music, internet information, magazines, newspapers, etc. (Interestingly, relational internet like e-mail and some limited Facebook is okay – that’s communication and relationship building.)

I am looking forward to this. The Lord laid it on my pastor’s heart that He’s been speaking to us, we just haven’t been listening to Him. So in this fast, we are able to silence all outside voices to let His voice be heard again in our lives. I’m anxious to see what He’s been saying while I fill my mind with junk from Fox News, Engadget, and some of the other web entertainment I tend to waste so much time on.

If my wife has to throw something at me when I’m watching that crisp HD nothingness, then what am I missing when the Lord is speaking at the same time in that still, small voice?

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One thought on “Ready to hear from God

  1. dean says:

    well, i guess it’s kind of pointless to comment since you’ll be away from all this for 21 days, but i’ll be praying for you nonetheless!

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