A Divine Appointment

Sunday morning at TLC started out like most Sunday mornings.  The atmosphere was charged with excitement in people’s hearts to praise their God.  The theme of the service from Pastor’s Basic Training series was “Notify”, a message on personal witnessing.  We opened up the service with some great praise, as the people broke through, it became quickly evident this wasn’t just any Sunday…

We began to pour out our love telling the Lord He is our everything, then we had one of our praise team members, Theresa, step out and tell some of her testimony to lead in “Amazing Grace”.  She told of the power of the blood of Jesus that washed her clean from a life of drugs and alcohol and dangerous living.  Following a few verses of Amazing Grace, Pastor came and gave an invitation to accept Christ and lay down lives of sin.  A lady I had never seen before at TLC came forward as did about 4 or 5 others.  When she came down, I noticed Theresa well up in tears and run to her to pray with her.  I really didn’t think anything of it, as I expect our praise team to be obedient to what the Lord leads, and if that means ministering to someone in the altars, then so be it.

After all this and the celebration of several new names written down in glory was over, Pastor came back to the platform and began to share for the offering.   As he’s speaking he stops and looks at the new lady who Theresa had prayed with in the altar and says “Renda – from Red Lobster?”  Then he begins to share that Renda was the waitress for Pastor and several other ministers two weeks prior when they were dining there for lunch.  While she was waiting their table, Pastor and these other pastors began to share Christ with her.  The Holy Spirit invaded Red Lobster that day and they prayed with her with the witness of the Presence of the almighty (It was so powerful one of the ministers nearly danced out into the nearby busy street).  Just so happens, Renda shows up at TLC on the morning Pastor is preaching on how important it is that we notify others of the Gospel!

This story gets better, though.  Do you remember Theresa?  We all find out after service that Theresa and Renda used to party together!  As Theresa was taking center stage to tell her testimony, Renda slips in the back door of the darkened sanctuary and hears her telling of how Jesus came and changed her life, and that she is no longer the same!

Renda had a Divine appointment Sunday, and now because we were simply obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit, she is now a born-again child of God.  Hallelujah!


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  1. dean says:

    there are no coincidences!

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