Welcome to the family

I WIN!  Melissa said she didn’t want a dog.  What I’ve always found funny is, that the only dog she ever liked since we’ve been married is “Jake” the lab puppy she rescued from the highway in New Jersey.  This dog should have been named “SHUT UP!” because that’s all I ever said to him.  He was not only stupid, but he had a deformed ear, where when he perked his ears up, the bad ear would flop over the top of his head like a bad comb-over.  When we moved to Kentucky for the first time, if the dog wasn’t barking, he was sleeping on the dashboard of the moving truck (he as about 30 pounds by this time).  When we were almost to Louisville, he pooped all over the inside of the truck resulting in me being no so Christ-like (however I still think Christ would have beat this dog).

Anyway, a little dog came to work last week all skin and bones.  Nobody claimed him after about a week, so after telling Melissa about him, I brought him home.  The kids fell immediately in love with him, and now Melissa is nuts about him (she actually comes outside to tell him good morning every day).  Where they got the name “Jackson,” I have no clue, but that’s what they picked.

He’s pretty smart for a lab puppy too.  His first night he learned quickly to not bark.   The kids can tell him “no” when he gets too excited and he obeys.  Now if I can teach him how to use the pooper-scooper, he’s going to be a dandy!

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  1. dean says:

    jackson waters, jackson brown, jackson, MS, jackson, TN… the list of inspirations is endless!

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