Idea vs Ideal

Here’s a rant for the day:



Improper: “Hey, that’s a good ideal!” (referring to a thought)
Proper: “This is an ideal way of of getting your point across”
or: “I refuse to compromise any of my ideals”

The correct word for the improper example above is IDEA.

Dictionary on the words:


It’s just like how people get sense and since wrong, or to and too in the wrong places (NOT me TO! – It’s me TOO!).

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One thought on “Idea vs Ideal

  1. dean says:

    ok, you got me started now! a guy i used to work with… has a master’s degree at that… makes that blunder all the time using ideal for idea. but my all time favorite seems to be a southern thing, because i never heard this before i moved from NJ to MS… and i thought it may just be a MS thing, but i know i’ve heard it in arkansas too. when people talk about their driver’s license, they always refer to it as a them… “have you seen my driver’s license? i have no idea what i did with them.” apparently these folks must believe that if there was only one, it would be a “licen.”

    such a small thing, but 34 years later, it still gets on my nerves! check this out…

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