Dr David Platt – hits home run

I’m taking a break today from my marathon of blogs about politics and get back to the heart of what my blog is all about.

I’m going to lay out a disclaimer before I get started… To my Baptist friends:  I love all of you, but your churches and seminary chapels bore me.  Doesn’t mean you’re wrong, doesn’t mean I’m right.  Just means if theologically Southern Baptists and Pentecostals were identical, I still wouldn’t be a Baptist for that very reason.  To my Pentecostal friends – oh that we would know the Word and pursue studying to show ourselves approved like I am about to describe.

Today I was channel surfing while digesting supper and waiting on the kids to get ready for bed. Typically, I stop by the local Faith Channel when the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary chapel services are being aired, but I don’t stay there for long because 5 minutes into it I’m screaming “WHERE’S THE PASSION?!!!” Again, not saying they’re wrong, but if you are worshipping the creator of the universe, and you are to worship Him in spirit and truth, then get that blank stare off your face!

Today when I tuned into the program, there was a young man who looked about 22 with tears in his eyes sharing passionately from the Word of God.  What I later found out this wasn’t a 22-year old student, it was 29-year old Dr (yes I said 29-year old DR) David Platt.  He wasn’t the starchy doctor of theology speaking in the typical doctoral way.  He was preaching with PASSION!  Of course if his delivery was all there was to it, I wouldn’t even be blogging this.  After he went for a while, I began to realize the very words of passion he was sharing weren’t mere words of man’s wisdom, but was a direct quote of Romans chapters 1-8.  I didn’t catch but the last bit, but I gathered from the rest of the message that he was quoting that entire passage.  He wasn’t just quoting it, he was preaching it as if it was a fresh Word directly from the Spirit of God.

What he said after he preached this resounded in me loudly… “gospel theology MUST be accompanied by urgent missiology.”  I could tell, that as he ministered from the heart of God to that student body, he was speaking straight into their hearts.   I believe a group of Baptist seminary students had something burned into their spirits that will forever change the course of their lives.

Listening to the message, I am convinced that through the delivery of this powerful Word, that the SBTS chapel service had a Holy Visitation.

I submit to you here, the message delivered by Dr. David Platt, “The Authority of Christ in the Great Commission.” Click here to listen to the MP3 from the SBTS website.

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2 thoughts on “Dr David Platt – hits home run

  1. Jeff says:

    He is going to be in Little Rock Monday-Tuesday at the state leadership conference. Can’t wait.

  2. Tyler says:

    If you would like to catch some more of Dr. Platt’s messages check out http://www.brookhills.org He is the senior pastor there and it is also the church I attend. You might have already found the site. But just in case you haven’t.

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