Why Facebook is better than Myspace

I’m getting a little annoyed with MySpace.  Now I’m not leaving the whole “social networking” idea altogether, I’m just re-visiting what tool I will network with.

Here are some reasons I find Facebook to be a better choice than MySpace:

1:  Stupid Apps:  I don’t want to join the MySpace mafia, nor do I want to be inundated with app comments that serve no communication purpose.  (yes, I know, Facebook has apps too, but it’s not as ridiculous as MySpace’s)

2: Bulletins.  Holy cow, you teenagers are gullible and will post anything on MySpace.

3: Music on profiles.  Its YOUR favorite song, not mine.  Really.  If I want to listen to music, I have what I enjoy listening to elsewhere.

4: Fake names:  Users on facebook use their REAL names.  That’s the POINT.  If your name is Bob Dole, then I can find you by looking for Bob Dole in my friends list.   I don’t have to guess who “YO,YO, MAMA” is – It’s simply your name – what a concept!

5: Flickr integration.  If I want my pictures from Flickr (and I imagine Picasa too) to show up on my profile, I can do that.  I can upload a photo ONE time, not 5!

6:  Blogs:   I have a blog, have had it for a couple of years now.  Why do I want a second one on MySpace?  Oh, that’s right, I DON”T!  My REAL blog is at tjscott.wordpress.com.  (soon to be a real domain name of my own).  I don’t want to mess with a social networking site’s inferior blogging attempt.

Also, about blogs… when I post a new blog, it automatically imports as a note in Facebook for all to see!  (can’t do that with MySpace!)

7: Chat:  Oh yeah, we all love to chat with our online friends.  BUT who wants to download yet ANOTHER IM program?  I mean, come on!  I already have Windows Live, Yahoo, Aim AND Gmail chat.  FACEBOOK has chat built right into the home page.  I can see who’s online in the bottom corner of the browser, and chat with them right there.  If I don’t want to be bothered, i can be invisible.  I LOVE IT!

8: Friend suggestions:   Say I have a friend, who I’m sure knows another one of my friends or would like to know them.  All I have to do is suggest the friend to the other with a click of the mouse, and I have just e-introduced two people!

9: People you may know feature.  Ive found friends through this thing.  I don’t know how it works, but it automatically pops up a list of people I might know through one of my other friends.  WOW!

10:  Facebook does mobile SO much better than MySpace.  I get 8 times out of 10 “page not available” or “server error” on mobile MySpace.  On Facebook, NEVER.  I even have a handy Facebook App written for my phone, not just for the iPhone (yes there are other phones out there other than iPhones!)

So, I’ll see you on Facebook! RIP MySpace!


2 thoughts on “Why Facebook is better than Myspace

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  2. dean says:

    they serve different purposes for me… my more current peeps are on facebook, while i have caught up with more folks from the past on myspace. i got involved with both because when i was at the arkansas home, we were required to have facebook and myspace accounts in order to keep up with what our kids were doing on theirs, and they were not allowed to reject our friend requests (forced social networking… what a concept!)

    the most fun i have with either one though is putting stupid photoshopped pics of myself on my profile… they are my anti-social networking sites 🙂

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