Allie has “bangs”!

Allie has “bangs”!

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As if my kids aren’t growing up fast enough, I come home to this! Melissa cut Allie’s bangs and now she looks 2 years older!

Sometimes you wish they would stay little.


2 thoughts on “Allie has “bangs”!

  1. dean says:

    dude… your kids ACT 2 years older than they are! i had the pleasure of talking with them at the Coffee Bean when they were in town the other day. Melissa had gone to school to eat lunch with Callan and the kids were there with a sitter. we were watching “walker texas ranger” and i tried to get luke to tell his mother to get him the entire series of “walker” on DVD for his next birthday. he was up for it, but he couldnt remember what to tell her, so i forged a note from him to her. i hope she saw the humor in it. but anyway, your kids rock, man!

  2. Jim says:

    Dude, who is this and what have you done with Allie! WOW…I still remember the li’l princess!

    BTW…LOVE the new blog digs!

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