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Authority… It’s a harsh word for some and a liberating one for others.  These days people who preach/teach on Spiritual authority are branded as control-freaks who are dictators. 

However, we are now in a society that has little or no regard for authority.  The authority crisis of the past several decades in the church is almost frightning.  Church people who hire preachers, instead of gain leadership from a pastor; parents who have no authority over their children; wives who don’t regard their husbands as their covering; employees who demand their rights rather than serve their employers; all are cheating themselves and the world around them of their God-given potential by being under and walking in authority.

James 4:10 and 1 Peter 5:6 both declare that if you humble yourself you will be promoted! 

In the Book of Genesis, between chapters 37 and 45, you can read the story of Joseph.  He has to be one of my favorite people in the Old Testament because of his humility and complete submission that resulted in his exaltation.  Joseph could have never gotten where he did if he didn’t humble himself and serve under the authority that was over him (good OR bad!).  Yet today when someone is a servant to another and does what he or she can to be a blessing to their authority, they are ridiculed for “kissing up” by those around them.  When Joseph served as a prisoner as if he loved it, he was promoted again and again. 

I have to stop right here and encourage someone reading this now: You may be working a dead-end job or serving in a seemingly useless position in your church, but know GOD is watching you.  If you will serve in that position as if it were your life-long dream to serve there, God will bless everything you set your hand to.  You will be promoted and will gain favor with the ones over you.

Continuing… We have to know by the above principle alone, you can’t walk in authority if you aren’t submitted under authority.  I wouldn’t go across the street to hear a self-called preacher who doesn’t have a covering that he is totally submitted to.  The excuse “Well, I’m submitted to God, that’s enough for me” is a cop-out that says, “I am too advanced to be humble.”  God will never bless his ministry, and furthermore that ministry is cursed from the start because it’s rooted in rebellion.  It starts at the head!

Authority affects the power of God in your home as well.  Men, when you aren’t walking under the authority that God placed in your life, your family misses out on the blessing of your priesthood.  If God has called me to be the priest of my home, and I’m not submitted to the authority figures in my life, then everything in the home suffers! 

Wives, same thing for you – your husband is your covering, whether you like it (or him) or not!  Many women who are stressed out and feeling like they are carrying all of the weight of the home are not walking under the covering of their husbands.  You don’t  have to have a Christian husband to live in this principle.  Colossians 3:18 says for you to submit to your husbands (and not only IF your husband gives his life for you).  Try it with your whole heart, and see that God knows what He’s talking about!

My wife has experienced painful migrane headaches most of her adult life.  I mean real migranes – shut the lights out, close the doors, pain scale 8-9 migranes.  I have prayed for her countless times during these headaches to have relief, but the breakthrough wasn’t there.  Then, just recently I laid hands on her during a 3-day migrane marathon and said “I rebuke this migrane in the Name of Jesus.”  I didn’t know until later when I got an email from her, but at that moment the headache left her!  Of course I don’t take credit for her healing, but we had to figure out what was different this time.  Our conclusion was that our submission to authorities had changed recently.  She has been totally submitted to me, and I to my coverings, opening a new door into our lives of the authority in our home.  You see, until the leadership structure in our home was brought in line with the Word of God, neither of us had true authority over anything!  When our submission came in order, anything we excersised our authority over had to obey!  If she’s not submitted to me, she’s not submitted to God because God put me in my position in our home.  If I’m not submitted to my pastor (uh-oh!), then I’m not submitted to God because God placed him over me.  So if I’m not submitted to my covering and to God, and she’s not submitted, how do I expect a headache to listen to me?

Men, get this right in your life!  James 4:7: Submit yourselves therefore to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from YOU. (emphasis added).  You have authority over your children’s nightmares, your wife’s female problems (interpret that your own way), your finances, your family’s health, etc as long as you serve as the example of submission in your home!  A priest in the Old Testament could never do his priestly duties his way, neither can you.

In conlcusion, a centurion said something interesting to Jesus in Matthew 8:9 – For I am a man under authority, having soldiers under me: and I say to this man, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it.  Get that?  He said I am a man UNDER AUTHORITY, having soldiers UNDER ME.  Luke’s account says “a man set under authority, having under me soldiers”  He made it clear to Jesus that he understood authority, and that all Jesus had to do to heal his servant was send His word.


Walk under your God-given authority, so you can walk IN your God-Given authority!

(by the way I’M BAAAACK!)


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