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tlcwebpicOur home church, Trinity Life Center of Shepherdsville has finally launched a new website at  Of course yours truly had much to do with the design and layout (just a little proud of the work).   I would like everyone to check it out!  We have several exciting things on there, including podcasting.  This is my first venture with podcasting, and if I knew it was this easy, we would have lauched it LONG ago!  We also are streaming our services live from there.  While you’re online, feel free to sign up to our email updates.  We promise not to bombard your inbox with useless junk.  You’ll recieve valuable information about what God is doing at TLC and what exciting things are coming up on any given weekend.

Also, my pastor has a new blog. He promised he’d be posting stuff soon.  Check with him often for an engaging experience!


3 thoughts on “Trinity Life Center Website

  1. dean says:

    cool website dude! you should be proud 🙂 (well, be careful there, you know what pride cometh right before!)

    one thing and this may just be because i’m getting so old… the little scrolly thingy of events runs by a bit fast for me…

    cant waitto check out the pastor’s blog, too!

  2. Jeff says:

    Oooo. Very nice! Great job, my friend! What did you use to create it? Dreamweaver?

  3. Jeff says:

    Oooo. Very nice! Great job, my friend! What did you use to create it? Dreamweaver?

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