The following is an excerpt of something I sent to my Halal directors tonight. I thought it might encourage someone who is reading this.lightning.jpgPsalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

It is Wednesday night following the fellowship, service, and outreach. Tonight following the event, we were taking one of the teens home. After dropping her off, we headed back north into town on our journey home. Before we left this family’s driveway, a storm rolled in with lightning, thunder, and sideways rain. When we rolled onto the highway, we were driving only 40 mph because of the heavy downpour just because we couldn’t see. Then, just as we passed the Bullitt County Detention Center, the rain stopped. No drizzle, it just went from a heavy downpour to NOTHING. The first thing we noticed coming out of this rainstorm was more celebration and fireworks – just as if it had not rained at all! We could see behind this display lighning arcing through tall “thunderhead” clouds. It was a sight to see.

Many times in our lives we get overwhelmed. I’ve talked several directors already, and the story is almost the same with every situation. You are in a heavy storm! I want to encourage all of you reading this. The storms don’t last forever. Just as I had to while driving my family home through our storm tonight, you are going to have to proceed with caution through your storm. It will get worse, and the rain will seem heavier if you try to rush through it. But, just as quickly as they began, they will soon end! After the destruction, slowdowns, turmoil, and fear, God has a great celebration planned for you! If I could just get all of you through your storms, I can get you to your party.


2 thoughts on “Storms…

  1. Jim says:

    Great Word! Thanks!!

  2. dean says:

    as we all probably should know all too well by now, God never said He’d save us FROM the storm, but He’ll be there with us THROUGH our storms.

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