iWant and iPhone

iphone.gifMonday, July 2nd… Mark it on your calendars and set aside time for this most blessed occasion…

What’s the occasion? It’s my birthday of course. The world will celebrate 32 years of my presence on this planet.

To commemorate my day, I would like to make a simple request. It’s humble, it’s easy. If 100 people gave just $6, my birthday wish may be granted.

Yes, I’m talking about an iPhone. I don’t have a dad who’s old enough that he needs to be buying bribes to keep him out of the nursing home, so I’m turning to the rest of the world. Whaddayasay?!


One thought on “iWant and iPhone

  1. Jeff says:

    Dude, you need a Paypal button! I would actually donate $6 for you.

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