out of the silence…

Many are thinking I’ve given up on the blog experience.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I have only just begun!  Okay, maybe it’s not that big of a deal.

Here’s what’s going on:

Just started a new job at a local cable company called Inside Connect.  It’s a small growing cable company that is killing the competition in service and support (hey, they have me on board, how can they not?).  I jokingly tell my co-workers that it’s easy to sell service to people who hate your competition.  I of course am supporting their Internet service, VOIP telephones, and HD/DVR set-top boxes.

The ministry is going great.  God is doing great things in Shepherdsville.  We just had a regional praise and worship ministry training conference at our church, and it was incredible!  Our evangelism ministry is working together with businesses, church members, and citizens of Shepherdsville to provide 1000 backpacks loaded with school supplies to the needy children in this county.   Our building is just about completed (it’s been a 7-year, three phase construction project). Our final occupancy permit should be granted this summer.

The family is doing great.  Melissa, aside from being busy with the teens at church is enjoying the extra time to devote to motherhood.  The triplets are growing up too fast, turning 5 this summer.  Every day you see them acting less and less like babies, and more like “kids.”

As for me, I’m walking in a new authority as I take on the responsibility of being an elder covering the worship ministries at TLC.  Those who have been ordained or commissioned for ministry can relate to what I’m about to say.  When I was ordained as an elder in this church, there was a new boldness and authority that came over my life.  I can truly say that I’m able to walk in a new anointing that I never knew I could walk in.

I’ll be posting more later on, it’s now after 1:00 am and I’m tired.  I’m excited about writing more about the ministry here and about what God is revealing along the way.

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