bit the bullet

mban937l.jpgAnybody know why we say “I bit the bullet?” I don’t either, but I did bite the bullet yesterday and set up a stupid MySpace page. The reason: to reconnect with old high school, college, and ministry friends. There are many who I haven’t seen in years who are on there.

As many of you who know me know (huh?), I cannot really stand MySpace. The pages are ugly, and there is very little control over what you see when you are on there. However, I found a handy little tool to help some of that for you Firefox users. It’s called Adblock Plus. It plugs into your Firefox web browser and will block all banner ads on the websites you visit. It works really well for MySpace, so I no longer see singles ads and other unwelcome things that come up on MySpace’s numerous advertising sections.

You can get Adblock Plus for free here.


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  1. Jim says:

    You BIG dummy!

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