The best sound I’ve ever heard

For those of you who know me, you know I’m a nut about church sound.   I’ve set up and run systems most of my life, and am a connoisseur of some sort of church audio systems.  A good mix and sound quality are an obsession for me at any church I attend.

Tonight I’m in Columbus Ohio for a ministerial fellowship meeting going on all day tomorrow. I attended a church service at the host church, which happens to be the same host church of the Bible College I attended for a short time.  This church has been through 4 major sound systems in their 5,200 seat sanctuary.  I heard two of them personally (prior to tonight), and they never had a great sound.  It was either harsh, or you never got the right blend of vocals/band.  Then you had feedback on a weekly basis in both systems.

I read not too long ago that this church had installed a new system that they were really happy with.  The speakers play a huge part of this system’s success. For you audio guys (or people wanting to learn about this stuff) check out this link.

Here’s my semi-professional critique of this new system:

This is my first experience hearing Nexo speakers.  These Geo T tangent array speakers were very small compared to what I expected, but were able to power over a lively crowd of 3000 with ease – and it never sounded too loud.  My ears never rang, because of the smoothness of this system’s response.

Everything was mixed in stereo, and it made for a mix that you could listen to and pick out every instrument while still having clean – intelligible vocals.

So needless to say, the best sounding rig I’ve ever heard large OR small is the Nexo Geo T system at World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio.

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