Another notice – Stay away from Vista (for a while)

Check out this article. Steve Jobs predicted Vista woes. vistagraphic

I had the opportunity to set up internet on a brand new Gateway desktop that was souped up enough to run Vista in all it’s prettiness. I spent 15 more minutes on that call to figure out how to get around to all the networking apps, and even how to get to the command prompt (hidden in the programs menu if you are in the same predicament). Gone is the simple “run” box (I hope you can easily add that back to your start menu) where you used to be able to type a command (like “calc” and “cmd” – I use those all the time!).

windows-vista.jpgI’ve said before, Vista has a gorgeous interface. Nice fade-ins/fade-outs during the bootup and shut down process. It looks like a smooth operating system.

What’s so stupid about it, is even though it’s based on the Windows 2003 server kernel, it’s still the same old windows with a bunch of annoyances (you can read about some of them in the aforementioned article).

I have a comparison to the biggest annoyance to me. Ever have a mother, or mother-in-law stay at your house and decide to arrange the contents of your cabinets where everything is “easier to get to?” (Easier for who?) This is what our friends at Microsoft have spent billions of dollars to charge us hundreds each to beta test. They took all of the features from previous versions of Windows, added some more, RENAMED them, then moved them around so that you have to look in every “cabinet” to find what you used to know how to get to with a shortcut key, or just 2 mouse clicks.

Bottom line: Vista has the potential to be an incredible operating system with a lot of powerful features BUT

From a tech’s point of view, wait until the cost of what is now high-end hardware comes down, and until the 2nd service pack is released (the first one, called fiji is already in the works I hear – but it just adds the features Microsoft had to strip out because they were holding the release date up) to obtain Windows Vista. Unless you have an ultimate gaming system that has specs higher than the recommended requirements of Vista, or have a second hard drive where you can install it without screwing up your current system, don’t even think about upgrading. Just wait the hype out.

Take some lessons from the Windows XP blunders. It wasn’t a reliable OS until after Service Pack 2 was released (don’t believe me? Then why does Microsoft no longer patch or support any other release of XP? It’s not about age – they still patch Windows 2000!). Windows XP is now preferred over any other version because it’s now stable. Almost 2 years after XP was released, IT guys still didn’t trust it, and was installing Windows 2000 on their workstations – and lots of computer shops were still suggesting Windows 98 Second Edition as a more stable option for the home user.

Windows Vista will be no different – for a couple of years it will be the curse of the computing world. But get the bugs worked out, and it will be something worth having. (if only Microsoft would listen to the users and techs!)

UPDATE – How to Install Windows Vista in 2 minutes 


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