What’s your desktop look like?


I am weird I guess.  I have 2 operating systems for my Sony Vaio.  They reside on two seperate hard drives (with their own slide-out caddy for quick-swapping).  Of course I have Windows XP on one drive with most of my files.  Then the other, which you see here, and I am currently running, is Ubuntu.  Ubuntu is a Debian-based Linux distribution that totally rocks.  It’s free, and so are just about all of the programs that run on it.


3 thoughts on “What’s your desktop look like?

  1. yankeechef says:

    I like your desktop its different. I just wish I was as good with computers as you. 2 different opperating systems…wow.. I can barlly run one… Thanks for checking out my blog… I really like putting my opinion on all the movies and shows I love to watch…. Hope life is treating you and your family right.

  2. dean says:

    hey tj!

    thats a cool looking desktop! i never heard of that OS, btw, but of course as you know all too well, there’s plenty i dont know about that. i also read your proverbs 18:16 post, which blew me away as well (just too lazy to go back to it and post a separate comment:-) its going to be interesting to see how you go about that, and how God uses it. be sure to keep us posted. we miss you around here. oh, and thanks for the dumas pics too. take care and tell the family hi.

  3. dean says:


    cool header, although i miss the gears in your head. you didnt have them taken out, did you?

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