Proverbs 18:16

gift.jpgI love it when the Lord speaks to me in new ways through things I’ve heard before.

I’m having a week where I’m concerned about my technical gifts, and whether or not I will be able to support my family with them. Not 1 hour before reading this, I’m praying “God, I have these technical abilities, I felt your leading to use them for an income, but nothing’s happening – AM I MISSING IT?” (ever prayed one of those kind of prayers?)

I sit down on the bed, and am about to lose it – so I open the word and begin reading in Proverbs. Then I hit this scripture that I’ve heard before, yet had no idea where it was (or if it was) in the Bible.

Proverbs 18:16 A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men

Now here’s something interesting about the above Scripture reference. It’s not really about a man’s talent, or skill, or anointing. In Hebrew, the word “gift” here actually means “present.” I am right now reminded that EVERY time that I had a success with someone greater than myself (either spiritually, financially, business-wise: you get the picture), I approached them offering something of myself that would add to them. I didn’t approach them asking them how I can make money from them. This is a HUGE sales lesson that is just now hitting me. It is a principle that has worked, but I didn’t realize THAT was why it was working.

I’ve heard all the teaching on sowing and reaping, seedtime and harvest, etc. But this goes way beyond all that for me. I’m re-thinking my entire approach to my tech services when it comes to “sales.” Instead of the mentality of “I want to know if you need my services” it’s going to be a mentality of “I want you to see what I can do for you and your business.” I have to show them that I’m there to add to them.

What’s almost funny is I just had this conversation with a friend two days ago who happens to be an incredible salesman. He is selling websites and video work to multi-millionares who are in the equestrian farming business. He was telling me that he has to approach them with this mindset (yet I was totally missing it). Think about most people who are successful. If they give to anyone in any way, it’s because that person has something to add to them.

What you have to offer makes room for you and brings you before great[er] people than yourself!


2 thoughts on “Proverbs 18:16

  1. Jeff says:

    As you can probably imagine, this post of yours really touched me. I’m in the exact same boat. I feel like you feel, and have many days where I am in semi-moping state, wondering how we’re going to make ends meet.

    With the vastness of the net, you’d think we might be “discovered” or land that one big client who could take care of us, but noooooo. Apparently the Lord has other plans. It’s just so difficult to re-mind ourselves that He is up to something.

    I’m so tired of “character-building.” 😉

    Anyway, thanks for the post; hang in there. I’ve got your back. And if you want to call to mope, let’s make sure it’s not one of my scheduled days to do so.

  2. tjscott says:

    Jeff- you bless me, dude. It’s encouraging to know someone who is going through the same stuff.

    “I’m so tired of “character-building.” ;)”


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