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I commented on a post from MonticelloLive this morning in regards to one of Monticello Arkansas’ Christian schools moving to a new location. I decided to behave myself on my comments there by saying as much positive as I could. However, I do wish to opine over here about the issue of Christian schools, and the one in question down in Monticello. I almost left the following comment on the ML page, but I felt it was inappropriate for that particular forum:

The tuition at GCA is much too high for a town like Monticello. One of the most popular (non-Catholic) Christian schools here in Louisville, Kentucky charges just over $1000.00 per semester for tuition + fees. This is 1/3 of what it cost for ONE of my 3 year old’s preschool tuition at GCA. I’m not sure why it’s so much higher in an area where the cost of living is lower, wages are lower, etc. People with the average Monticello income simply cannot afford GCA’s tuition. If GCA brought their tuition down to a more affordable price, it would open the opportunity for enrollment to many more students than they have now. What would prevent them from doing this, of course, is the question of whether they could afford to operate at lower tuition prices while they grew.

Another thing that concerns me is about the way GCA is governed. I haven’t seen very many Christian schools that weren’t under the covering of a local church, or at the very least having the board include several pastors – not just area business people (even though they may be Christians). There is a reason for this. There needs to be an authoritative spiritual covering for moral and scriptural guidance. Having a Christian school that is not under one raises a red flag for me. Without this, who’s keeping the administration accountable to moral and spiritual guidelines?

I have never believed that it was okay to leave someing (a school, a job, a church, etc) for an alternative for the sake of leaving. I believe that the driving force for leaving should be what you’re going to. The problem I have with Christian schools in general, is that many parents are sending their children there simply to get their kids out of the public schools. Usually that’s because their kids have been in some kind of trouble, or there are some social issues between the students, or their child has been exposed to some sort of moral decay. Unfortunately, what the parent’s aren’t thinking about is that these issues exist in the Christian schools as well.

Then you have the parents whose kids are out of control, so they call on the Christian school to reform their children. It’s the parent’s job to make the kids behave, not the schools’!

I’m not against Christian schools, or even GCA for that matter. There are just a lot of concerns that aren’t really being discussed in regard to both. So I’m opening up my blog for you to flame, opine, or discuss my thoughts and yours on this subject.


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