Is it just me, or is there more sexually-explicit programming being aired over cable networks? It seems to be getting where you can’t channel surf without running across some half-naked (or fully naked) woman or a sex-scene on at least one channel of the dial. It’s no longer a temptation, but a serious annoyance. After the image displays on the tv screen, even if for just a brief moment before scrambling to change the channel, I still saw it! Even worse, my son may have even seen it!

With the evolution of basically soft-core porn in shows carried by the FX network, or the syndication of “Sex and the City” there’s getting fewer and fewer safe times to channel surf – especially if you don’t wish to see the images practically crammed down your eyes.

What do you do about it? AFA seems to think (according to their actions of boycotting advertisers) that boycotting the advertisers and sending petitions is the answer. I totally disagree. Boycotting products and businesses that are advertising during this programming probably doesn’t do anything productive. Petitions are useless – these are for-profit entities that could care less what the demographic outside of those they intend to reach think. They could care less what a few thousand Christians who watch TBN or are at church during the questionable time slot think.

I still hold to the idea that the responsibility to keep these images out of my home lies with ME. If the programming is on, it doesn’t mean I need to watch it. It may flash on the screen, but if my mind is on things that are pure, (Phillipians 4) this should not cause problems. If a woman has a wardobe-malfunction in front of me, it’s up to me to not allow lust to set in and send my mind into somersaults of fornication. I try to think of it the same way.

We are in the world, not of it. Just because the world is doing what they “do” in front of us, it doesn’t mean we need to participate. David in the Bible saw Bathsheba on his rooftop, there was nothing wrong with him accidently seeing her bathing (probably not clothed). It was wrong, however for him to keep looking, imagining, fantasizing, leading him to the deadly adulterous affair.

As annoyed as I am that these nasty images are filling the channel lineup, I have to be constantly reminded that the issue of my sexual morality is nobody’s responsibility but my own. If anything, running across explicit images through channel surfing or even web surfing should remind me to turn the device off and pick up my Bible or pray a while!

If you are someone who needs resources for online purity or help getting free from the bondage of pornography, check out the following link:


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