Blowed up

If you saw Fox News, the county in which I now reside has made national news. It was quite an event this morning. It happened shortly after I arrived at the church for our weekly worship staff meeting.

During the meeting someone slipped in and handed our pastor a note. I knew something was going down when this happened because no one is to disturb the Tuesday morning meetings. After we moved on to a subject that he didn’t need to be involved in, he left the room then came back in and said: “I just got word that we are supposed to evacuate.” He then informed us of the massive train wreck just over the mountain from us. I then looked out the back window of the church to see the plume of smoke stretching eastward.

Needless to say we are all okay. We had to stay away from the house for a while as a precaution – we live less than 4 miles from the accident site. Tonight the fire is still smoldering and is having to burn itself out. Officials say that the air quality is normal. The fire had burned so hot that most of the dangerous toxins were burned up before they could be released into the air.

The good news: no one was seriously injured.

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