Joining in on the self-humiliation

I was a strapping young man of 5’4″ and 118 lbs in 1993 as a senior in High School. I drove a Cobra 29ltd CB-radio equipped 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger. My CB handle – “Swinger.” I thought it was all about the car, little did I know of all the snickers going on when I referred to my naive “green” dweebed-out self as “the Swinger.”

So, in light of the week of self-humiliation on other blogs including Mark Wegley’s and Jeff Noble (and what’s up with the itsy-bitsy picture Jeff had on his blog – was he just hoping it would be too small for anyone to notice?), I have now joined in the fun. Let the laughter begin!


5 thoughts on “Joining in on the self-humiliation

  1. Mark W. says:

    Dude! Dig those cool Aviator style frames on your glasses (you were SO Top-Gunning it!) and the “thin” tie…I had a few of those myself.

    Nice ride, though…way to to, Swinger! LOL!

    (You’re right about Jeff teensy-teensy pic. He’s half courageous. Congrats for joining the Hall of Courage for your bravery in being transparent in your online personality!)

  2. Mark W. says:

    NOTE: Above…it should say “way to go, Swinger” – I’m so not awake yet…laughing at your pic is keeping me from snoozing here.

  3. Jim says:

    Let’s just say that I’m going to be ‘REAL’ reserve here…

  4. Nodrog says:

    Hey TJ,

    Nodrog here, from across the pond in bonnie Scotland. Thanks for your post, and sorry it took me a while to respond – I’ve just finished my exams & essays which were occupying most of my attention.

    I like that, Christ-follower. I met a guy from India, Hansraj Jain who also talks of being a follower of Christ as this enables him to enter discussions with others of his (former) religion, Jainism, whereas they would just dismiss him if he said he was a Christian. Is this an appropriate place to say “Go figure”?

    I know what you mean about labels, but as I’m doing a BA Theology and applying for recognition as a candidate for ministry, I couldn’t ignore yet another form of assessment… 🙂

    In case you’re wondering, I think I saw your blog name come up on the front page of Blogger and thought, ‘that sounds interesting’ and so far I’ve not been wrong… sorry I didn’t post earlier but hey, at least I linked you! Looking forward to further posts!

  5. Jeff Noble says:

    I agree; TJ’s blog is a great read! We’re glad you’re stopping in from across the water.

    TJ… will you please come wipe off my computer screen since I spewed coffee all over it when I saw your picture?

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