God’s presence

You don’t need majestic choirs
with awesome voices raised
You don’t need a congregation
to offer me your praise
You don’t need a mighty orchestra
to bless Me with your song
You get all My attention
When you worship Me alone
Alone – Lyrics by Clint Brown

To know that at anytime, anywhere, whether I have a band, or whether I’m by myself, I gain the ear of the Creator of the universe as I worship Him is awe-inspiring.

I get really quiet when I even think of the words of this song as the Lord begins to invite me to be alone with Him. My awareness of His presence intensifies and I nearly begin to weep. I almost don’t want to breathe so I don’t miss the sound of His still, small voice.

My favorite place to get into God’s presence is on my keys. Just sit down alone in front of my piano or keyboard, close my eyes, and play. I can be in the midst of the greatest storm of my life, but the peace that passes all understanding wraps around me as I play and sing for Him.

How about you, what’s it like for you when you’re alone with God?


3 thoughts on “God’s presence

  1. Jim says:

    Not fair for you to post this on Friday evening…this is a great Monday morning thought-provoking labrynth!

    In the secret, in my quiet place…nothing else exists. Just a warmth…a glow…a presence…His presence. I want to be still to the point that I can hear His heart beat as I lay my head against His chest, feel His breath on my cheek as I curl up in His lap. A place that I long for…a place that I can’t spend enough time in…

  2. Kevin Stoxe says:

    Well put. The keys are also my tranquility to my innerself. To sit down and write a song to the Lord fulfills me to incredible depths.
    By the way… I just want to thank you for the comment you left on my last post, “The Heart Of Worship” pertaining to my friend that had the unfortunate church experience.
    Even though I really don’t know you, many of my friends know you well, and I feel as if I know you from just hearing their description of you. I have added you to my links on my blog and will make sure that your blog will be one of my frequent stops in the future.
    Thanks man… Kevin Stokes

  3. dean says:

    well, sometimes its with my guitar (although i dont think i’ve picked one up in 6 months)… lately i’ve tried to begin to practice the discipline of praying the scriptures and just being still before God in anticipation of HIM talking to ME… its a work in progress…

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