I’ve been transformed!

As you can tell (if you’ve been here before), I’ve got a new template and design for my blog. But the transformation isn’t just skin deep. This goes all the way down to how the blog is served to you, the reader. I’m now blogging in “Beta.” This is Blogger’s new system, and at first – I hated it. Reason- I had to change my template. I liked my old template. But the problem was, it wasn’t XML compliant. So out with the old, in with the new.

The rewards for switching to the new Beta service are now becoming oh so clear! The new Widget setup is really nice. It will make blogging so much easier for those who don’t want to know about HTML. For those of us who are more technically gifted, it makes the experience even more fun. I can customize widgets to do whatever I need (so far). All of my sidebar items are separate widgets. I can edit them at any time without screwing up the rest of my blog.

Another nice feature that has been added is the label function. As you can see to your right, I have labels that you can click on, and every post related to those particular labels are brought together. All I have to do is assign a label when posting, and it’s done.

The feature I already love the most is the additional feeds. There are RSS Feeds for each post’s comments, feeds for all comments, and of course you still have post feeds. (see my post on RSS for more info about the feed service). To subscribe to my new feeds, be sure to click the appropriate link in my sidebar. Your browser (if rss equipped – again see the RSS post) will place a live bookmark for the feed in your toolbar.

Check out the new Blogger Beta at beta.blogger.com .


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  1. Jeff Noble says:

    Looking good!

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