Broke Geek Needs Broke Computers

Hey everybody. I’m looking to make a little extra cash over the next few weeks. The only way I know how to make extra money (legally) is to fix computers. Windows or Mac – I can fix virtually any problem on any of them (just don’t ask about those extra screws laying around afterwards).

Do you need a computer fixed? Leave me a comment with your email address. Format your email like this: joeblowATyourisp DOTcom. This way you don’t get bot-spammed by posting your email. We’ll then get together and talk about all of the particulars. Here’s an incentive if you don’t have a computer to fix: If you send someone my way, after they pay me to repair their computer, a drink of your choice at Dad’s Place is my treat.

So, if you know someone who’s computer is spyware-loaded, their hard drive has crashed with important data on it, their network needs configured so they can share files and printers, they need a hardware upgrade of some kind, or anything else related to these wonderful devices – get them in touch with me, and be sure they tell me who sent them!


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  1. Jim says:

    That Pic is CRAZY!

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