HEMI’s back on patrol?

Melissa, the trip’s and I were on our way to Little Rock for “Boo at the Zoo” yesterday when something caught my eye on I-530 between Pine Bluff and Little Rock. I thought to myself, “that’s a white car driving really fast coming from the other way, but it’s not shaped like a police car.” But I couldn’t have been more mistaken! What was driving south at a high rate of speed, obviously about to scare the heebie-jeebies out of some unsuspecting motorist who passively saw the make and model of the car thinking the same thing I thought was the newest weapon in the Arkansas State Police’s fleet!

Here’s the now identified – unidentified flying object (he was moving pretty quick):
The Arkansas State Police website has a news article about this new beast of a cruiser.

Almost makes me want to mash the gas pedal just so I can get a chance to ask:
“Officer, does that thing got a HEMI in it?”


One thought on “HEMI’s back on patrol?

  1. Jim says:

    I’ll take two!

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